It was another lap around the sun for Fraser Valley Elementary student Mason Lipscomb when he decided he would do something a little different for his birthday bash.  He told his mom Meredith, “I want to give my birthday presents to the animal shelter.”  They decided to ask all the kids invited to bring pet food, treats and animal toys instead of kid toys.  

Mason’s celebration took in a couple of dozen gifts. Everything from doggie treats and bags of food to toys for the cats. Mason said, “I love cats the most.” and when I ask why did he do it he replied, “I like to give back. I am the king of giving.”.  then turned to his Mom and said, “Can we take one of the cats home.”  I stayed out of that one.

Masons good friend Quinn Fraser was at the shelter helping out and told me they had bought pizza for his birthday last year and walked through the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder handing out slices to the homeless. Quinn said, “It seemed like the right thing to do. There is so much bad stuff going on in the world.”  It is clear these two young fellows are setting a precedent and have a bright future to follow.

The Grand County Animal Shelter is located in Granby and is happy to accept donations anytime of the year. If you have some free time stop by and help out.  They are always looking for people to walk the dogs or play with the kittys. Call the shelter at 970-887-2988 for more information or visit Grand County Pet Pals website.