They have become more and more frequent on Colorado’s roads, streets and highways. Now, revenue from the license plate known as the “Wildlife Sporting Plate” is helping to fund new hunting and angling opportunities across Colorado. 

After launching the Wildlife Sporting Plate in 2016, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) collected revenue from license issuance and annual renewals. This year, license-generated funds were awarded for the first time, totaling $450,000 in grants.

Designed by CPW, the license plate features elk silhouetted against a vibrant sunset and a native greenback cutthroat trout highlighted against the snowy Rocky Mountains. The message, “Hunters and Anglers Fund Conservation,” is displayed prominently at the bottom.

Not only do the plates allow hunters and anglers to show their pride in wildlife recreation, they also provide an opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation of sportspeople. To date, more than 18,000 plates have been issued.  

One hundred percent of the license plate funds CPW receives goes toward the shooting range and angling programs. Ten dollars out of the $60 initial fee for the plate as well as $23 of the annual renewal fee goes toward the Shooting Range Development Grant Program (SRDG) and the Fishing is Fun Program (FIF). The funds are split evenly between them, so each program received $225,000 this year. CPW plans to direct additional license plate revenues to the SRDG and FIF annually in future years. 

“The additional funding we’ve put into these programs is consistent with our goals as a part of the Future Generations Act,” said Dan Prenzlow, Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “The projects that they bolster will grow our hunters and anglers in Colorado and expand access to the outdoors.”