Sky Pilot Flower, photo courtesy of Diana Lynn Rau


by Patricia Berman and Diana Lynn Rau

The flowers are spectacular this year. Diana Lynn Rau and I hiked to Stanley Mountain on the East Side of Berthoud Pass last weekend and the flowers in the alpine zone are really starting to bloom.

Sky Pilot Flower

Sky Pilot Flower, photo courtesy Diana Lynn Rau

We drove to the Henderson Mine and parked at the first lot.  As you walk up the trail, stop at the wet spots to admire lots of Bog Orchids and Little Red Elephants (look for a trunk on the flower).  At the intersection, turn right, and, there will be three streams along the trail (be sure you look up). This can be your destination, or, you can go as high as you would like. Enjoy the rush of the water and the bountiful bloom of Colorado Wildflowers. Some we saw in the Montane zone:  Rosy Paintbrush, Tall Chiming Bells, Sky Pilot and Perry Primrose. In the Alpine zone we saw: James Buckwheat (uncommon flower, but, this year there seem to be alot blooming), Alpine Sandwort, Fendler Sandwort, Moss Campion, Alp Lily, Old Man of the Mountain and Alpine Chiming Bells.  

Hike Score 85 out of 100.  7.3 Mile out and back.  Moderate hike with great reward.  More detail click here.