Photo: Left to right, Ann Trombley (Mountain bike Olympian), Aaron Sanders (Local High School Mountain Bike Team), Alison Powers multiple National Cycling Champion, Allison Dunlop Mountain Bike World Champion, Olympian, National Champion and mom!

Winter Park and Grand County have always been one of the greatest places to mountain bike. We have hundreds of miles of trails starting in town and 2 world class bike parks. Trestle (Winter Park Resort) and Granby Ranch.

It’s great to get out on the trails, but how do you improve your skills? What options are there for you to learn to corner properly, climb better or descend with greater skill? You have the chance to learn all of those things at one of the greatest skills clinics anywhere and it’s right here in Winter Park at Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend.  The cost is just $20 (it would cost you $500 elsewhere).

Mountain Bike Capital Weekend is June 22nd -24th. The focal point of the weekend will be skills clinics with some of the most qualified coaches in the US. The skills clinics are focused on the beginner to upper intermediate level of rider although anyone can improve through these clinics. The clinics are lead by Alison Powers. Alison took over the skills part of Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend last year. She brings some of the most qualified coaches in the US to teach the clinics. Alison is not only a certified coach but the owner of a bike race training company and multiple time national cycling champion. One of her recruits is Ann Trombley who has competed at the Olympics in Mountain Biking . Ann also owns a company that specializes is training cyclist and is a nationally certified coach. In addition you will have Sarka Ruzickova Swenson (local legend) and Emma Dunn rounding out some of the certified coaching staff.

Many people ask what can you expect at these clinics. The short answer is a lot! Almost anyone can improve their riding by having a trained professional teach you the proper skills. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect. This is not a hammer ride! You will be placed in a group and each group will ride from one skills area to the next. At each skills area you will have the ability learn the proper technique for that skills area and practice the skill. You will learn overall positioning on the bike, proper cornering, climbing, descending, riding over obstacles and more. Coaches will also look over your bike for general proper fit and set up.

It’s easy to sign up. Go and scroll down to the bike clinics box. That will take you to the Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend page where you can sign up.  I hope to see you there!

Keith Sanders is a 3x National Mountain Bike Champion, NICA Coach and owner of Beavers Sports Shop. You can reach Keith at