November 1st through December 24th

Permits are $10 per tree with a maximum of five (5) trees per person.

United States Forest Service Granby office * closed holidays
Country ACE Hardware in Granby
Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply in Fraser
Winter Park Information Center
Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce

The road through the Elk Creek Cutting Area, southwest of Fraser, will be open from December 2nd to the 9th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pick up your permit prior to arriving. During this time period, snowmobiles are prohibited in the Elk Creek Cutting Area. The entrance gates close at 2 p.m. Please have your tree selected and return to your vehicle by 3 p.m. to allow time to load your tree and leave the area by 4 p.m. You are encouraged to leave pets at home, but if you do bring one, it should be on a leash.

Smokey Bear will be available for photo opportunities on December 2nd, 3rd and 9th, so bring your camera! Donations are accepted.

Tire chains, four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive are required upon entering the cutting area. This is for your safety; please cooperate with this requirement.

You will be asked to demonstrate that you have one or the other at the entrance area. If the road conditions are icy, chains may be needed to get up the hill at the bottom of CR 72, just outside of Fraser.

Cutting guidelines throughout the Sulphur Ranger District

Tree trunk size is 6 inches or less in diameter at the base (strictly enforced).
Cut tree 6 inches or less from the ground.
Handsaws are best; chainsaws are not permitted.
Pack out your own trash.
No trespassing on private property.
Permits must be visible on the tree for easy checkout.


Chainsaws or other power saws, all-terrain vehicles, other off-road vehicles and cutting trees marked with blue paint. Snowmobiles are allowed in much of the Sulphur Ranger District when the snow level is 6 inches or deeper. Most Forest Service roads are gated to wheeled vehicles after November 20th, depending on snow depth.

Areas Closed to Cutting Christmas Trees

You may cut your Christmas tree almost anywhere on the Sulphur Ranger District except the following:

The Fraser Experimental Forest, Indian Peaks, Never Summer, Vasquez Peak, Byers Peak Wilderness Areas, Winter Park Ski Resort to Berthoud Pass or the James Peak Protection Area
For a local map, rules and regulations Click Here. (PlayWinterPark.com/christmas-tree-permits) You can also stop by the Winter Park Information Center to pick up a hard copy.

What To Wear / Bring:

Wear appropriate winter clothing: waterproof pants and jackets (ski or snowmobile-type clothing), warm fleece or wool layers, snow boots, mittens or gloves, hats and sunglasses
Have a full tank of gas and bring food, extra water, a shovel, a blanket, a first aid kit and a warm drink.    We recommend leaving pets at home

Safety Note:

Before you head out to cut your Christmas tree, look up, down and around! Avoid standing dead trees and stay clear of any tree logging operations. The forest will likely have up to 2 or more feet of snow. Weather can change drastically during the day and temperatures drop quickly after dark (often below zero degrees), so please plan accordingly. Stay close to your vehicle, remember the direction back to it and return to it before dark (by 4 p.m.) to allow time to load your tree. Also, be sure to keep your group together at all times when out in the forest.

Smokey’s Holiday Tip: A dry holiday tree is a tragedy waiting to happen. As soon as you bring your tree home, make it fire-resistant by following columnist Jack Eden’s recipe.

2 gallons boiling water
2 cups (one-pint bottle) clear corn syrup
2 oz. wetting agent (available at garden shops) or 2 oz. liquid Woolite
2 oz. cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. borax
4 oz. liquid chlorine bleach
Stir mixture well in a 3 to 5-gallon container. Make a fresh straight cut about 2 inches across the base of the tree. Then place the tree in the solution. It will take about five days for the tree to absorb the mix. When you bring the tree indoors, use the mix in the stand at all times. (Home Mechanix, Dec. 1989)