The Bureau of Land Management’s Kremmling Field Office is seeking public comment on 17 commercial special recreation permit (SRP) applications covering activities such as guided big game and mountain lion hunting, fly fishing, rafting, mountain biking and special events.

Each year, the BLM issues commercial SRPs for recreation businesses to provide specific services to the public on BLM lands and to ensure a fair return to the public for commercial use of public lands.

To help with its evaluation of these permit applications, the BLM is seeking public comment regarding each applicant’s safety history, conflicts that have been associated with the applicants or their employees while operating on public lands, or any other information that would be useful to the agency as it considers the applications.

This year the BLM is evaluating applications for 10 permits on the Upper Colorado River and seven permits for upland areas (see below). To provide comment on any of these applications, please contact Maribeth Pecotte at or 970-724-3027 at the Kremmling Field Office.

Comments will be most useful if received by November 30, 2018.

Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment—including your personal identifying information—may be made publicly available at any time.  While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

The following applicants have requested uses on the Upper Colorado River (Grand and Eagle counties):

  • Alpine Kayak (RENEWAL, kayak and SUP instruction) – David “Forrest” Knapp. Pumphouse to State Bridge
  • Bill Dvorak’s Kayak and Rafting Expeditions (RENEWAL, floatboating) – William Dvorak Pumphouse to Dotsero
  • Blue Quill Anglers, Inc. (RENEWAL with MODIFICATION, fly fishing) – Dennis Steinbeck Pumphouse to State Bridge; requesting addition of Sunset, Reeder Creek, and Muddy Creek Fishing Access sites
  • Colorado Angling Company (RENEWAL with MODIFICATION, fly fishing, requesting additional days) – Joseph Macomber Pumphouse to State Bridge
  • Colorado River Shuttles (RENEWAL, vehicle shuttles) – Otto Andl. Confluence, Pumphouse, Radium and State Bridge recreation sites
  • Expedition Consultants LLC, dba Epic Expeditions (RENEWAL, Leave No Trace training courses) – Shaun Witt Pumphouse to State Bridge
  • Granby Fly Fishing (NEW, wade-only flyfishing) – Kenneth OCallaghan. Requested areas under consideration include Muddy Creek Fishing Access and Willow Creek.
  • Minturn Anglers (RENEWAL, flyfishing) – Rick Hayes, Pumphouse to State Bridge
  • Rapid Transit (RENEWAL – floatboating) – Taylor Ripp, Pumphouse to State Bridge
  • Rocky Mountain Guide School (RENEWAL – river guide and private boater training, educational trips) – Travis Lloyd, Pumphouse to State Bridge

The following applicants have requested uses on upland areas of the Kremmling Field Office:

  • Boulder Wilderness Shuttle, dba Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides (RENEWAL, camping, hiking mountain biking) – Joshua Baruch. Existing permit includes camping, hiking and biking at Wolford Mountain and Grouse Mountain/Fox Loop, camping at Inspiration Flats and Gravel Pit road, and Sheephorn Creek. All uses are within Grand County.
  • C N Outfitting LLC (RENEWAL, guided big game hunting) – Conway Farrell. Permitted areas are Cedar Ridge, Junction Butte, County Road 3 South, and Reed Creek areas, within T1N, R77, 79, and 80W, and T1S, R78, 79, and 80W in GMUs 28 and 37. All affected lands are located in Grand County, Colorado, south of US 40.
  • Comanche Wilderness Outfitters (NEW – guided pronghorn and moose hunting) – Scott Limmer BLM areas requested include: specific lands within GMUs 16, 161, 17, and 171 in Jackson County, Colorado.
  • Grand Adventures Brewing Co. (NEW – Outdoor Summer BBQ Series) – Rick Reliford, Requesting SRP for outdoor BBQ event series. Three events: late June in the Muddy Cliffs area, late July in the Inspiration Flats area, late September in the Dice Hill area.
  • Never Summer Outfitters, LLC (NEW – guided mountain lion hunting) – Jeffrey Gossage, Requesting BLM lands in GMUs 7, 16, 17, 161 in Jackson County, Colorado.
  • Rawah Guest Ranch (RENEWAL – flyfishing) – Tim Dyer. Permitted areas include Hohnholz Lake #1 in Larimer County, Colorado; two segments of the North Platte River and South Big Creek, in Jackson County, Colorado.
  • Rocky Mountain Outfitters LLC (NEW – guided big game hunting) – Julia Nessen. Requesting BLM lands in the Strawberry Special Recreation Management Area and Headwaters Extensive Recreation Management Area in GMUs 18 and 28 in Grand County, Colorado.