Brian Dolan, “Mr Cool” to some, longtime local and owner of Brian Dolan Refrigeration, set out on a journey with a couple of friends from Church, on a journey to catch the big one! Photos courtesy of Brian Dolan.


Try an Alaskan vacation, just for the halibut.

Brian Dolan local business owner needed a summer getaway. Fishing Grand County just wasn’t cutting it, so he decided on a trip to Alaska with a few church buddies.  “It takes a day of travel to get there but it is well worth it”, said Dolan.  “You don’t go for the weather or the nightlife, it’s all about fishing”.  The group tries to make the journey each year and each fishermen brings back approximately 60-70lbs of their catch.  We were just outside of Anchorage in Yakutat at Leonard’s Landing Lodge.

Alaska fishingThe waterfront location of Leonard’s Landing Lodge is dominated by the view of the spectacular Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains that stretch from West to East just north of town. Yakutat is located on MontI Bay along the south side of Yakutat Bay not far from where it cuts in from the Gulf of Alaska.   

At the head of the bay is the breathtaking Hubbard Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in the world. The lodge is perfect for the budget minded traveler and guests now have access to a common kitchen and barbecuing deck to cook up some fresh filets.

Dolan said, “There is some good surfing right out Yakutat” although he didn’t wax the board this trip. Weather was typical rainforest conditions, but, on the 5th day, “the skies cleared and the range showed her peaks”. The range rises out of the sea to 8000’  “Tallest peaks in North America, I believe.” according to Dolan.  Whales breaching, Halibut, King Salmon, Silvers, Seals and Sea Lions. What more could the outdoor adventurer want in a getaway?  Dolan expressed, “I highly recommend Alaska, there’s not a lot of people or roads but an abundance of wildlife and beauty.”    Quote of the day: FISH ON!


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