Crust skiing is prime!  Just this week the snow has made it to that glorious stage of crust.  The light snow dusting have given it texture but the crust supports you and your dog to go almost anywhere on the wide expanses of endless meadows in Grand County.  Whether you visit the open meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park, the expanses of our many golf courses (stay off greens and tees!) or just the open grazing lands that are currently deep in snow, you’ll cover miles before you realize how far you’ve gone.

Be careful that you don’t get so caught up in floating across the surface that you miss seeing the stream cuts where suddenly the creek has melted through the ice and the bank of snow above has caved into the cascading water.  Spring is fighting to break to the surface. Don’t be the one to drop in for a fish survey – the water isn’t yet warm enough! The banks in many places are still three, four or even five foot high. They make a beautiful picture above the hint of green starting to emerge.

When the temperature has not dropped sufficiently below freezing, the snow seems even rotten. Or after the sun has warmed the surface,  the crust easily breaks through. Step off a packed trail and suddenly you are post-holing. My dog tried to cut a corner when following me skiing in Tim’s Territory and was nearly buried on the first leap!  and Dixie is a fairly big 70-pound dog!

The snow will keep coming in waves and, if the temperatures stay cool and drop at night, we’ll enjoy this spring snow for weeks to come.  When the Valley starts turning green and the mountain bikes and hiking boots come out, the high country will still have a great supply of white stuff.  Be wary – listen to the sages and respect the mountains for the slides that are still to come.

As Winter gives way to Spring, we want to thank Mother Nature for her bounty, bounty that means her rivers will flow strong and fill reservoirs this year.  We want to thank all those people who have learned how to enjoy our beautiful mountains and countryside. Most of all we want to thank those who teach others how to enjoy, have fun, and be safe in this place we call home.  Thanks to all the staff at the Nordic Centers and Ranches. Thanks to all the staff at the Chambers and information centers who direct people to the special places they are seeking. Thanks to hotel staff and restaurant staff who keep people happy while they visit.  Thanks to the locals for loving this place as much as we do.

Grand Nordic, its wonderful Board of Directors, instructors, and helpers have worked for over twenty years to make Nordic skiing a sport that everyone can try and develop some proficiency to have more fun and good times with family and friends.  We have tried to provide a path for those that want to go to the next level and beyond. For young kids to grandparents, this is the sport for a lifetime and Grand county is the place to be with More K’s and More Days.

Now I’m thinking river time and all this white stuff is going to make for a couple great trips down the Fraser this year.  Or will it be morning skiing and afternoon biking? The choices are fabulous!