Diversity is overrated.  For years, many liberals have been lecturing us to “celebrate diversity” and practice “inclusion”, meaning that we should celebrate diverse perspectives, cultures and accept, appreciate and celebrate their values.  That sounds “nice” until we dig a little deeper into how this plays out in society.

The Shallow End:  The first thing the diversity police will tell you is to celebrate people of different races or ethnicity.  But this seems simplified and shallow. It places goodness on people who simply look different. Why would anyone place value on how you look vs. who you are as an individual? Judge people by their actions, not their looks.

But don’t celebrate too accurately, because that would be appropriating their culture, and you may be accused of racism.   What happened to celebrating what we have in common instead of our differences? Sports used to be one of the few places where people of all walks of life could band together and root for their team.  Adding politics into sports, such as kneeling during the national anthem, might gather media attention, but most fans just want to watch a good ball game and forget about their problems for a few hours.

Also, some liberals believe that people who look the same, think the same.  People come from all types of backgrounds, life experiences, family situations, education and accomplishments.  That’s what makes people interesting, not just what they look like. Have you ever known a group of people who look the same and also act and think the same?  I haven’t. We are all individuals.

Only approved thoughts allowed:  Diversity proponents embrace different perspectives, and long as it is the approved point of view.  Support the second amendment? , Well then you’ll be accused of not caring about school kids. Voted for Donald Trump?  Well, you are just plain evil. Oppose abortion? You must be against women’s health rights. Believe in traditional marriage?  It obvious you’re a hater and are intolerant. Want border security and a controlled, rather than chaotic, immigration system? Well, progressives will look down their noses at you and call you a racist with white privilege.

Recently, President Trump was specifically asked about MS-13, the violent  Salvadoran gang, and he called them “animals”. A couple of media outlets reported that he called all immigrants “animals”.  This is not just shoddy reporting, but purposeful reporting bias to make Trump look bad and to gain sympathy for illegal immigrants.  Celebrate diversity at all costs. Mainstream media types were offended, saying that no one person should be called a sub-human slur. They’ve call President Trump worse, but consistency is not the way of liberal logic.  Let’s be clear: The MS-13 gang members, the most violent gang in the country, are animals; they are evil.  Their motto is “Kill, Rape, Control”.  They kill people for fun, so it doesn’t get more evil than that.  They deserve the moniker NOT because they are (mostly) illegal immigrants, Latino or have brown skin, but because their actions deems them to be labeled as animals.  Can we at least get a little honest reporting from the national media? A liberal reporter was quoted as saying he’d rather have his daughter date an MS-13 member than a Republican.  Be careful what you wish for.

Political Correct thinking is prevalent on college campus and has also made its way into corporate America.  Try being a conservative and working for Facebook, Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Target or many other politically correct organizations.  The problem isn’t that progressives don’t like conservative thought, it is they don’t want anyone to hear the other point of view. There are plenty of examples of people losing their jobs for not having the approved political viewpoint.  They want to shut you up and shut you down. I’d like to see the best ideas win, not just those who can shout the loudest.

Culture Equality:  As part of the diversity scam, progressives promote the idea that all cultures are equal.  But they are not. As in everything else in life, some ways are better. Cultures that promote freedom, individual responsibility and provide the most opportunities for success are better than ones that don’t.  Ever wonder why some countries that have existed far longer than America have nowhere near the economic prosperity, potential opportunities and chance for success that we have in this country? It is because our culture, political and economic system is better.  And it has nothing to do with our skin color.