The shortage of labor that many businesses in the county are experiencing is also hitting the school district hard.  We seem to be continually looking for custodians, para-professionals, bus drivers, food service workers, and especially substitutes.  Much like other companies, at no point this year have we been fully staffed.  Just before the holidays we actually had every position hired for about 12 hours then we had another opening.  As a school district representing the local community we do not want to compete and take employees from others who desperately need workers but we need to provide the best possible education and experiences for our kids as well.  

We have one position that allows for great flexibility.  Being a substitute is an area that we are in desperate need of.  The requirements for being a substitute are that you have a bachelor’s degree in anything and that you have a clean record.   When you sign up to become a substitute teacher, you are given the flexibility of when (what days) and where (what schools) you are available for.  We are also working on getting a training program going so you feel more comfortable and supported when subbing in a classroom.  Many people are afraid to sub but once they do it, they love it.  Being around students all day has its challenges but it also has great rewards.  

I encourage anybody who has the qualifications and has some extra time or wants a little extra spending money to inquire about becoming a substitute teacher, or look into any other positions we often have available.  As we work on hopefully building a stronger, future local workforce with our students, we need to provide the best opportunities for them now.