At East Grand School District we know that our students learn best when they feel that school is a safe place.  We work diligently to keep our schools as safe as possible while still providing a setting that is open and inviting.  In the last two weeks, there has been a situation outside of the district that have caused us to enact safety procedures.  When Highway 40 was closed for law enforcement activity we had 3 busses full of students stuck in the middle of traffic and not able to go anywhere.  I give high praise to our drivers and transportation department for keeping a calm demeanor and managing our kids as well as for keeping us informed of an ever-changing situation.  One of the most important aspects of an emergency is to keep our parents as informed as possible what is happening.  To  do this we sent out 3 messages on our messaging system.  We believe most everyone received those messages through text, email and voicemail.  Those who reported to us that they did not get notified we checked and made sure the right information is in our database.  All in all the situation turned out well and we were able to reunite students with their families without too much delay.  

Now, with winter finally upon us we want to remind everybody of our emergency procedures as well as some safety reminders.  If school is cancelled we will notify all local radio stations as well as KOA and 9NEWS.  We will also post cancellation information on our district web page and send out information through Powerschool.  Please make sure that your email and cell phone numbers are updated in Powerschool so any notifications will be sent to you.  We will try to call any cancellation early but that cannot always be the case.  On adverse weather days that school is in session, which it most often will be, please do not leave your child at a bus stop unattended in the morning.  Also, we may have school on days that you do not feel comfortable sending your student.  Keeping your child home is always your choice, but please notify the school that they will not be in attendance. The student will need to make up any missed work but will not be punished or judged in any manner.  

Working together, we can keep our students  as safe as possible.