To The Editor:

They did it. The Three Lakes board rushed through a sewer extension, destroying 4 perfectly healthy septic systems, and charging 4 homeowners between $30,000 and $65,000 to connect. If you have a septic system, or have a lot you want to sell or buy, you should be concerned. You’re next. Three Lakes Board Chairman, Bill Heffron, who has recently resigned, and is apparently leaving the County, has denied any variances for a septic system on all new construction. This means that you could be miles away from the existing sewer, and will be forced to extend the line at your expense. What does this do for property values? An $80,000 lot can quickly become unsaleable when a potential buyer finds out that they will have to add tens of thousands of dollars, or in excess of hundreds of thousands for a sewer extension. And buyer of a house with an existing septic system will find out that they have to spend much the same to condemn their working septic system and be forced to connect.

Because of this latest decision, we hve already lost a pillar of our community, Gayle Langley, who was forced to leave her home and the County because of the financial burden placed upon her. They have forced another of my neighbors to connect to the sewer after just over a year ago, granting a variance for a septic system on a new home costing over $60,000. THey have no master plan, and make decisions based on the whims and prejudices of staff member, Sally Blea.

This board, who refuses to engage in a dialogue with the taxpayers supporting them, who call in police to intimidate them need to be removed from their positions. They continue to rubber stamp Sally Blea’s instructions, including her ongoing bonuses, yet refuse to engage any environmental testing or scientific evidence, and are using their positions on this board to further their own self interests and gratification, at the expense of the taxpaying citizens of Grand County. They have continually go into “Executive” session, meeting and making decisions in private, that affect us all. It is tme to recall all of them and elect a new board that has knowledge of the environmental pros and cons of septic systems/vs.sewers in the protection of our lakes, and has the common sense to protect our water without arbitrarily punishing the very people concerned.

Pat Farmer, Julie Gasner, Dan Knox and Les Shankland are the members of this board. They must be recalled before they can do any more destruction to our community and our water system.

– Michael Eha
Grand Lake