To the Editor,
The Shining Stars Foundation would like to thank all of our supporters in Grand County for embracing our 204 children and families and making the 2017 Grand County Family Adventure so successful for the 2 attendees. One family said, “This week was the best of my life! We were all together, giving everyone a chance to make new friends.”

We would especially like to thank our sponsors and grantors including Cancer League of Colorado, Grand Foundation, Town of Winter Park, Town of Grand Lake, Lion’s Club of the Fraser Valley Foundation, Safeway, Louis and Harold Price Foundation, Julie Brown, and Rendezvous Foundation. Many thanks to everyone at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies for welcoming us with such warmth and kindness and providing lodging, meals, and activities. The families enjoyed fun activities on Grand Lake and Lake Granby including pontoon boat rides and paddle boats at Headwaters Marina, Boater’s Choice Marina, and Beacon Landing Marina. Other activities in Grand Lake were go-karts at Rocky Hi Speedway, Putt Putt Golf at Grand Lake Hardware, and a glorious hike to Adams Falls. Other donating businesses for activities were Sombrero Stables, Winter Park Resort, and MAD Adventures Rafting.

Generous food donations came from Hernando’s Pizza Pub, Showboat Catering, Stonecreek Catering, Pancho & Lefty’s, El Pacifico, The Sage Brush Grill, Sloopy’s, Fat Cat Café, Grand Pizza, Cy’s Deli, Grand Lake Chocolates, Miyauchi’s Snack Bar, Grumpy’s, Deno’s Mountain Bistro, Smokin’ Moes, Fontenot’s, Winter Park Subway, Rudi’s Deli, Midtown Café , Fraser Safeway, Carvar’s Bakery, Sift Cakes by Wildhorse Catering and the Winter Park-Fraser Rotary. Other donations included services from Gary Dill, Art Ferrari, Active Images, Cozens Ranch Museum, and the Church of the Eternal Hills. Over 100 volunteers made each family feel welcome and worked tirelessly. Thank you, Grand County, for taking such great care of the Shining Stars and families and making them feel so special.

~ Kathy Gingery
Executive Director, Shining Stars Foundation