As the supportive arm for the Grand County Animal Shelter, Grand County Pet Pals would like to thank The Grand Foundation for their generous grant award this year, especially during this very challenging time for non profits.  We feel so very honored and are appreciative for the support given to us by The Grand Foundation. This grant is allowing us to provide our Grand County neighbors with more assistance in having their pets spayed  and neutered.  Thank You, Grand Foundation!  Please stop by and visit us at our next Voucher Event.  And please come by the Grand County Animal Shelter, in Granby, to see some of the wonderful animals that are just waiting to join special families, like yours!  We are indeed lucky to have this wonderful foundation in our community!

Lynda Gumeson

Grant Coordinator for Grand County Pet Pals


Dear Editor – 

YMCA of The Rockies puts Christian principles into practice through programs, staff, and facilities in an environment that builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. As CEO of the organization, I know that people, especially families and children, can develop healthy spirits, minds and bodies through time spent in our beautiful outdoor spaces. 

We’re lucky to have Rocky Mountain National Park in our back yard, and we must ensure this special place and other public lands throughout the state are maintained so future generations can benefit from their values, too. 

That’s why I was thrilled to see the Great American Outdoors Act introduced and passed by the Senate. This bipartisan bill focuses on addressing the $12 billion crumbling infrastructure in our national parks and other land agencies. In Colorado, as you likely know, we need more than $238 million in repairs to outdated facilities, roads and parking lots, trail upkeep, and historic preservation in our national parks alone. In addition, the bill would fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund for the first time, a crucial program that provides access to state-owned outdoor recreational spaces. 

We are so grateful that both Colorado Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet voted for the passage of the bill. Now we encourage our House of Representatives delegation to work with leadership to pass this legislation and move to the President’s desk for signature as soon as they return from the July 4th recess. Colorado’s great outdoors deserve nothing less and so do the citizens of this great state, and our visitors from all over the country, as we move to protect our important public lands. 


Julie Watkins, President/CEO YMCA of the Rockies 


To the Editor,

While folks are all wrapped up in the pandemic, there is a revolution going on. It is happening in most of our big cities and is generally downplayed in the media. “Demonstrators” (read; thugs, rioters, looters, arsonists, brutal criminals and killers) are aiming at something much more insidious. This is an attempt to undermine our Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake about it, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc, etc are well funded and organized to create havoc – they are Anti-Fascist who are, in fact, The Fascist. The killer cop is largely an excuse. 105 people were killed in Chicago over the Father’s Day weekend including a three year old. The vast majority, as always, was black on black. Most big cities in the US are subject to the same horse puckey.

If you think this is just a temporary thing you are sadly mistaken. It is a movement to fundamentally change our form of government to a Socialist government, the first step to Communism, because they haven’t been taught the virtue of our Republic. Aided by their Democrat governors, they have let criminals out of prisons, burned churches and torn down historical statues. They wish to erase history because they don’t like some of it and don’t understand most of it. Who does like what has often happened historically? Does erasing a monument to President Jackson change anything? They seriously want to tear down Lincoln memorials? The most likely outcome is that it will help us repeat the bad things in our history!

It was fear and intimidation that brought Hitler to popularity. Jews and Communism were their enemy. Now, “privileged” whites, government and Christianity are the enemy. Have I been privileged? You bet I’ve been privileged! I had grandparents who immigrated here from England and Germany. One set were dairy farmers – talk about a 24-7 job – the other was a carpenter whose grocer carried their bill through the winters to get paid in the summer. My dad was a glazier and was lucky to have half time work through most of the depression. Dad in WWI and brother in WWII and damn proud of it. Christian teaching and a four room country elementary school. Hard work was our culture. This was a privileged life.

Sure the Confederate flag is offensive. Sure it is offensive to see whites cross the street to avoid you. Sure the southern leaders and generals that caused the killing of thousands were despicable. Sure there are a few white supremacists out there. Sure you occasionally hear racists comments (the two folks I have heard make such comments are both Democrats). Our form of government isn’t perfect and neither are we. Still we have the greatest form of government yet known to man – because of our constitution. Understand what rioters are – largely horse puckey – just as their organizers are.

Virus deaths are in the decline despite surging in big cities. The riots are surging almost solely in big cities. Cities run by Democrats who have failed their people. The government-run educational system (especially in the big cities) is failing us. The thugs have been told that it is due to white privilege and Trump. The pandemic will go away but not the anarchist and their totalitarian movement. We need Republicans to run big cities and we need School Choice.

Frank B Watts

Winter Park Highlands