To the Editor

Grand County Pet Pals wants to thank the Pedigree Foundation for their generous COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant. We were awarded funds to help the Grand County Animal Shelter purchase pet supplies, provide wellness and grooming expenses to the shelter dogs, pay for professional services such as our professional dog trainer, and provide more spay/neuter vouchers to local pet owners in need. We share the Pedigree Foundation’s vision statement – “We see a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for, fed well, and loved.” Pet Pals is so proud to provide services to the animals and animal lovers of Grand County. Stay strong and healthy, Grand County!


Grand County Pet Pals



To the Editor

I have been trying to get a refund from Granby Ranch Ski Resort since mid March.  My family spent over a 1000 in ski lessons.  We went there for spring break and the mountain shut down on the Sunday morning when we were going to ski.  We went to the mountain that morning and wanted to find out about refund policies.  We were told that we would be given full refunds for our ski lessons and lift tickets we purchased.  

This was back in the middle of March.  We are now in May.  I have tried calling, I have written letters.  The only response I have received was an automatic email that they would issue us a voucher.  To this date I have not even received a voucher.  I am not planning on returning to Granby Ranch so I do not want a voucher but a refund.  Most of the families I have talked to have received refunds.  This is wrong and the public should know this.  Happy to tell more.  My number is 469-360-9210.

Thank you.


Dallas TX


Dear Grand County Business Owner,

Our community has done an incredible job of staying home, social distancing, and only traveling when necessary. We have not seen a significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases in our county over the past month, and we have been able to increase testing capabilities. As long as our small, rural healthcare system is able to operate without being overwhelmed, we are able to move into the next phase of “reopening” our county and our economy.

The Grand County Public Health Department is issuing a Standing Public Health Order related to COVID-19 Mitigation and Suppression that went into effect yesterday, April 27, 2020. This Order closely mirrors Governor Polis’ “Safer-At-Home” Order that went into effect yesterday as well. Links to the Orders are listed below.

The purpose of Grand County’s Plan is to allow businesses to slowly open up on a limited basis to prevent a surge in COVID-19 cases, and to keep our medical systems from becoming overwhelmed.

Grand County’s Plan provides requirements for each business sector to reopen and operate. As part of the reopening process, each business must complete and submit a “COVID-19 Compliance Verification Form” to Grand County Public Health. If all of the criteria are met, an approval message will be displayed automatically along with materials that businesses will need to print and display on site.

Hotels and other places of accommodation (but not VRBO or Airbnb rentals) will be available for guests to rent beginning on May 22, 2020. Properties should begin the verification process now in order to host those guests. The state of Colorado is not allowing “private, short-term vacation-style rentals” (unless used for public health response) until May 26, 2020.

To promote the cautious and measured countywide business reopening, Work in Grand is launching the “Keep Grand Safe, Keep Grand Healthy” campaign to move our economy forward again as safely and smartly as possible. Grand County’s Work in Grand group, Business Emergency Recovery Team (BERT), and your local Chambers of Commerce are here to answer questions and concerns. We will all work together to help business owners and their customers, “Keep Grand Safe and Keep Grand Healthy!”


The Business Emergency Response Team (BERT)


    It is a pandemic, panic, fear, wear a mask, don’t even elbow touch, stay at home, safer at home, don’t go out, lock down . . . all Horse puckey! The politicians would have us believe that all this is true. Wrong . . . get out and walk, bike, run, jog, hike or whatever – and you don’t need to wear a mask when out of doors. The sun and/or fresh air is good for you. Let’s put some perspective on this Wuhan Virus thing.

    First, Grand County; larger than the state of Rhoda Island, estimate about 20,000 residents, 1870 Square Miles, five known to date virus cases. That is one case in every 374 square miles. Be real careful that you don’t bump into one of the sick folks. That is one case per 4,000 residents. No known deaths due to the virus.

    The state of Colorado; governed by the front range politicians. They only come up here to ski and vacation. They hardly notice our pot-holed, cracked and fox-holed state highways. They send a highway crew up a few times a year to repair short stretches of state roads – it is called the “throw em a bone technique”. They make rules that are aimed at the front range. They may not even be aware that there are eastern counties. There are eight states that didn’t make “lock-down” rules and all are well below the average of cases or deaths.

    Nationally; the oppressive and probably unconstitutional rules being put in place by governors are completely ineffective. Example, LA county has the most restrictive mandates in the country. They also have 5.6% of all adults sick and dying with the virus. Won’t allow beaches to be used. The left-coast folks are spreading sand in parks to keep people out! Many states have “snitch on your neighbor” mandates. That is nothing short of Fascism at work.

    World; Look at the world wide deaths from Jan 1 to April 1 as reported by

        10,670,908 deaths from Abortion

            2,807,806 deaths from Starvation

                2,061,853 deaths from Cancer

                    1,254, 997 deaths from Smoking

                        422,032 deaths from HIV/AIDS

                            338,886 deaths from Traffic Accidents

                                269,209 deaths from Suicide.

                                    264,205 deaths from Malaria

                                        211,416 deaths from Unclean Drinking Water

                                            122,062 deaths from Seasonal Flu

                                                46,491 Deaths from Wuhan Virus

No, they do not call it the Wuhan Flu and the numbers increase every day – all of them! And there is a vaccine for the common flu.

     So, for the sake of “less horse puckey” let’s get back to living. Social distancing – yes. Lock down – no. Open the parks and beaches – National down to City. Open up businesses including restaurants with logical social distancing rules. Encourage outdoor activity. Use the sidewalks and trails. Let’s live again. 

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands


Dear Editor,

The Colorado budget is $3 Billion in the hole and the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) posted its “Staff Budget Balancing FY 2020-2021” document, April 11, 2020.

Our State Senator (SD8) Bob Rankin, is on the JBC and has signed on to the recommendation to suspend The Homestead Tax Exemption to free up $163,578,262 toward decreasing the budget deficit.  

While the law took effect in 2002, legislators voted not to fund it in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  This exemption has allowed many owners to remain in the homes they love. 

Section 3.5 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution grants the property tax exemption to qualifying senior citizens AND disabled veterans. The property tax exemption is 50.0 percent of the first $200,000 of actual property value.

The $3 Billion deficit does not take into account the effects this COVID19 pandemic will have on our state.  This 2020 legislative session began $100M in the red just from the READ Act and full-day kindergarten funding.  From there, the numbers increased to the current $3 Billion.

It is objectionable to place a burden on seniors and disabled veterans because the state overextended itself.

The JBC also recommends suspending the annual PERA direct distribution freeing up $225 Million.  Ask Sen. Rankin how he can consider a decision that can affect public employee retirees.

Colorado is required to have a balanced budget and it is important to remind legislators that they spend our money.  To add a greater burden on Coloradans, particularly with this pandemic, is unacceptable. 

Debra Irvine

Republican Candidate 

Senate District 8