To the Editor

As a longtime Granby Ranch resident I’ve been a keen observer of the sale and subsequent foreclosure of Granby Ranch. The $62 million debt disclosure was eye-opening. What strikes me most is the fallacy of “ownership.” It’s become overly apparent, especially since the 2008 recession, that very few individuals, builders/developers, and specifically development LLCs actually have their own capital to buy anything; it’s all a house of cards.

Throughout Grand County there are half-finished or unrealized developments; promises made, but never kept. Development LLCs with supposed “deep pockets” and dollar signs in their eyes roll into the county like modern day gold rushers, start digging and then, after running out of financing or customers, leave houseless foundations and excavation mounds for others to clean up. Why is there no cleanup escrow fund required of developers for these scenarios? Where’s their responsibility to the community? 

I’m sure the Orvis Shorefox “developers” presented as having deep pockets, but they left an eyesore of an unfinished golf course and a ruined landscape. Luckily, as it turned out, the town of Granby has a team of creative thinkers that turned that lemon into lemonade for the community.

Now there are rumors of several “deep pocketed” developers lining up to buy Granby Ranch. Do they really have the $62 million to pay the debt owed and then the capital to further develop and make improvements? Will they walk away from the sale title in hand or will they be just another LLC bankrolled to the hilt by another lender collecting interest on bad debt?  Given the scope of the sale and economic implications for the town/county, hopefully there’s much due diligence by all interested parties during this financial courtship so that a foreclosure by a future owner of Granby Ranch may be avoided. And, just maybe, given the town of Granby’s financial stake in the property and its recent successes, it will result in a fresh helping of Granby lemonade.

H.L. Cork, Granby



This is in response to Ronald Fischer’s letter in the 31 January paper. It appears to me that Ron and several other folks who have written recent letters condemning Senator Gardner have had their Trump Derangement Syndrome morph into a broader GOP Derangement Syndrome.

Their premise that the Senate and specifically Senator Gardner failed to conduct a “real trial” on the question of President Trump’s impeachment is without merit. It is my understanding that is the responsibility of the House to hear testimony and review all pertinent evidence when considering whether or not to bring articles of impeachment to the Senate for consideration. If the House failed to conduct a satisfactory prosecution of their case to the Senate, that is not Senator Gardner’s fault.

While I did not agree with much/most of President Obama’s conduct, I never once thought he should be impeached. In contrast, some House Democrats (Al Green, Maxine Waters among others) advocated for impeachment before Trump was inaugurated. That House leadership allowed these radical anti-Trump representatives to prevail without presenting a satisfactory case for the Senate to impeach is indeed a low point the history of this great country.

Hopefully, future leaders in the House will not go down the same path.


Steve Gregory, Grand Lake


To the Editor

After being referred to as A) an oblivious weekend warrior, B) a “Jerry Jackoff”, and C) a “BUD” by Josh Nussenfeld in his childish online rebuttal of my Sky Hi News  letter to the editor of 1/26/20, I hardly know where to start to refute the idiocy of his juvenile posts.

I’m not an “oblivious front range warrior”, I’m a long time Grand County resident and please know WP couldn’t exist without the front range, DIA, I-70, etc.  Most assuredly, I’m not his “BUD” nor his derogatory “Jerry Jackoff” . I’ll bet the tens of thousands of WP weekend visitors appreciate his references to them.

True, ski school teaches lots of turning and going back and forth,—its called skiing under control and adhering to the  well established Skier Responsibility Code. Try having someone read it to you sometime Josh.

I’ll bet the beginners/intermediates you try to  dazzle with your “50+mph” speed don’t appreciate your self centered irresponsible thundering recklessly  down the hill. We both know there isn’t a skier on the mtn. who hasn’t made a mistake and fallen. The problem with  pathetic immature riders/skiers like you is that you may well take 5-6 innocent people with you.

“Come and take my pass, if you can catch me”—hows that for an attitude?  The WP ski patrol has your name and description and can easily radio ahead to the lift ops to confiscate your pass.  Problem solved! I’d like to hear WP mgmt. participate in this discussion, beyond a tepid statement of “We strive to maintain a safe and enjoyable  experience for all our visitors, etc.” How about it WP?

A further imbecilic Josh quote:

“its not supposed to be safe for you, its the mts.  Accept the mts. can be dangerous or stay off the hill.  Being on the mtn. everyone has the right to enjoy it how they please.  Everyone has the right and freedom to do what they want, go how fast they want, and do whatever they want,…….it also means I can ride the way I want.”  “You don’t deserve to share the freedom the mts. offer, if you look to limit the freedom of others. Accept the risk or please go back to your safe space at home and stay there”

Sounds like  quite a business plan to me!  Does WP endorse this philosophy?  Unfortunately, Josh, you give a bad name to the majority of skiers/riders who enjoy the mts. responsibly.  This sanctimonious self righteous insufferable twit needs to grow up and act civilized.

Pete Peterson, Tabernash