To the editor re: John DiGirolamo, The Right Stuff January 23, 2020

To confess: I usually don’t read your column, John. 

Your latest addition, did catch my eye, primarily because you used the term ‘eye candy’.  I’ll try to make a fast point.

Objectifying women is not ok. It never has been. It never will be. You speak of your wife and children and accountability, which all appear to be important to you. So I have to ask, since you are so incredibly willing to come out from the shadows on a weekly basis. Can I frame it for you in a different way? 

Would you want your mother, your wife or your daughter referred to as ‘eye candy’? Your granddaughter maybe? Or are there only certain women that are fitting for this label which you so freely throw around? 

Discrimination is a socially structured action that harms both individuals and groups; particularly those with diminished autonomy. Labeling women as eye candy objectifies, sexualizes and further promotes an environment where sexism thrives and makes discrimination ok. 

For the record, as well. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed policy on student loan debt is income proportionate and does not aim to simply wipe away debt from individuals. Her plan involves lowering interest rates for federal student loans, which can only benefit you (since it sounds like you helped to invest in children’s education and didn’t buy the car?) or help your son or daughter achieve a higher education with less burden in the form of student loans. 

We know of course that well-educated individuals have a longer life expectancy and higher quality of life. Who wouldn’t want the very fabric of our society to embrace this idea? Education cannot be only for the wealthy; to reduce disparity and improve the health and well- being of everyone, it must be affordable and approachable for all. 

While I don’t feel great about giving you an audience, it pains me to think that people might accept your fumbling incuriousness and sexist verbiage. 

Tasha Amick- Sullivan



To the Editor

Senator Gardner and All Senators,

Within the past few days, you have voted to “Table” resolutions requiring eye-witness testimonies and relevant documents for consideration at Trump’s Impeachment Trial.  What are you afraid of? Why not hear from witnesses with first-hand knowledge pertaining to the articles of impeachment? Why not review documents that could clarify questions about the President’s actions in regard to these charges?  Wouldn’t you like to be relieved of the pressure to “follow the herd” in defending Trump, and be free of Trump’s oppressive bullying? Wouldn’t you like to be “your own man” again? Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?  

Well … the Gospel of John (8:32) has a simple answer:  “The Truth will set you free.” I hope your decisions will show you were fair and impartial, and that you did what was right for the country (not a person).  I hope you can live a long life with a clear conscience that sets you free.

Ronald Fischer