To the Editor

I would like to submit a response to a letter by Tim Schowalter on impeachment.

The notion that Democratic Articles of Impeachment are ” they didn’t win in 2016 and can’t win in 2020″ is nonsense. The fact is Hillary Clinton received 65,788,533 votes to Trumps 62,955,363 votes . Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million. Throw in the 5 million votes for 3rd party candidates and you have more voters who vote against Trump. As for 2020 a most recent FOX poll shows Biden beating Trump by 12pts. The Democrats most certainly can win in 2020 as long as the election is fair. Justin Clark, a senior Trump adviser for his campaign said just recently ” Traditionally the GOP has relied on voter suppression to win in swing states”.  If we have free and fair elections Democrats can certainly win.

The claim that the hearings did not afford the President due process is incorrect.  The President was given ample opportunity to provide witnesses that might provide exculpatory evidence but refused to to so. He declined to participate. Declining due process does not  mean one was denied due process.

As for the claim that there was no impeachable offenses,  750 legal scholars have signed a letter saying that Trump committed impeachable crimes and should be impeached.  FOX NEWs legal expert Judge Napolitano said that Trump committed crimes that were impeachable and criminal including obstructing justice , bribery and witness tampering.

Impeachment is in the Constitution , Article II section 4. The House of Representatives has the sole authority to impeach the President and Vice President.

Contrary to AG Barrs interpretation of IG Horowitz report( key word here is interpretation) the IG report that Hillary colluded with Russia is ridiculous at best. IG Horowitz stated in his testimony before Congress that the investigation into Russian interference was legal and no political bias was found. He also said that the Steele dossier was not the reason the FBI opened up and investigation but rather by the George  Popadopoulos bragging to an Australian official about Russian help for Trumps campaign. The same goes for the Mueller investigation, the dossier was not the basis for the investigation. Mueller for that there were one 100 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. He also found 10 instances of obstruction, but he could not indict a sitting President. When asked if Trump could be indicted after he leaves office Mueller said yes.

Let the process play out. If Donald Trump has exculpatory evidence, bring it to the trial.

Sharon Blum

Littleton, CO / Fraser, CO