To the Editor

Let the Voters Decide

Here are the real Democratic Articles of Impeachment.  1. We didn’t win in 2016. 2. We can’t win in 2020. The biased hearings with no due process allowed for the Republicans or the President did not prove any crimes.  No treason, no bribery, not a high crime or a misdemeanor. There was no factual data to prove bribery and the only first-hand witness that discussed the issue with Trump said there was no bribery.  When this didn’t work the Democrats switched to abuse of power and obstruction of congress tactics with no new data to prove their case.

The distinguished Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz who happens to be a lifetime Democrat says, “there is no proof of a crime”.  The charges by the Democrats are not impeachable acts including the two current articles as presented by the Democrats. These are policy issues and if this farce is allowed to continue all Presidents will be impeached if their policy is different than the majority in the House.  He further says the Democrats are “acting unconstitutionally and abusing its authority”.

The proof that is just a political stunt is verified by Pelosi’s own words.  She said we have been trying to impeach Trump for two and a half years and even before he could have done anything impeachable.  She also said, “it would be dangerous to allow the American people decide at the voting booth”. Can you believe the arrogance of that statement?  I thought we were supposed to be governed by and for the people. Career Democrat politicians always think they are smarter than the people and we should be governed by them- the ruling class.   If there was ever a case for term limits this is it.

Now isn’t it interesting that everything the Democrats have  accused Trump of, they are guilty of. Attorney General Barr’s interpretation of the IG report documents that Hillary colluded with Russia  to get a false dossier that was smuggled into the FBI and the media. Then deep state FBI actors lied to the FISA Court to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.  This then was the basis for the illegal Muller investigation that turned the country on its head for 3 years.

Let the voters decide, not the Democrats that think they are the ruling class.

Tim Schowalter