To the Editor

Impeach, Impeach. Impeach

Since the day after the election deep state partisans in the FBI/CIA, the Democratic Party and the biased media started planning coups to overthrow the duly elected President.  There have been two failed impeachment votes in the house already along with constant comments for impeachment by Democrats and the liberal media. If successful they will destroy our Republic.  The leaders of the Democratic Party especially Adam Schiff have lied for three years about Trump Russia Collusion. Now that the Mueller report vindicated Trump of any collusion on the election they had to come up with a new idea.

Enter a whistle blower on a Ukraine phone call. The partisan whistle blower is a former employee the Obama administration and worked directly with Biden.  One of his attorneys has posted twitter comments since the day of the election that he would mount a coup and with the help of CNN, would remove Trump from office.  The whistle blower had no first had knowledge of the phone call and after Trump released the transcript his comments are meaningless as we have the transcript. Trump applied no pressure on Ukraine and the president of the country verified that there was no pressure.  The Justice Department reviewed the phone call said there was no legal problem.

Trump broke no laws and was following his duties based on the Constitution as he is charged to follow up on any crimes against the USA.  We also have a treaty with Ukraine that requires cooperation on crimes between the countries. It is a known fact that Ukraine interfered with the US Election in an attempt to elect Clinton.  Trump had the right and duty to ask Ukraine to get to the bottom of that case. As Biden was Obama’s assigned leader for Ukraine relationships, he also had every right to ask for information on Biden in the same matter.   Biden is not above the law because he is a Democrat.

With a rush to judgement the Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry before the transcripts  were released. With no case the Democrats proceeded with biased hearings behind closed doors from which no information was released except the proven liar Adam Schiff’s interpretation.  Trump will not be impeached and this a farce and coup attempt to discredit the duly elected President of the USA before the next election.

Tim Schowalter

Granby , CO