To the Editor

One of the most substantial challenges to Colorado’s fiscal handcuffs was pretty soundly defeated at the ballot box, meaning that the state will not be able to keep future TABOR refunds to spend on K-12 schools, higher education and roads. Instead, starting in 2021, taxpayers making under $133,000 yearly will receive an estimated refund of between $20-$114, with bigger refunds for those with higher incomes.  Did you know we are one of, if not the only TABOR States in the USA? 

Betty Smith



Thank You!

Recently, our PT Cruiser broke down in downtown Winter Park. My wife, Carol, and I wish a heart-felt “thank you” to all our fellow residents who helped out in getting our vehicle off the road and also to those who stopped by
to offer phones, rides and any other type of assistance we might require. We feel especially proud to be members of a community that really cares for its fellow citizens.

Once again, thank you.
Bob and Carol Fitzgerald