Peaks’n Pines Quilt Guild  would like to thank the Lion’s Club of Fraser Valley for their recent grant. The  members of the Guild volunteer their time to create and make quilts for many different charitable causes. In 2018, the Guild donated in excess of 45 quilts to Mountain Family Center to give to their clients in need.  This grant will be used to purchase quilting fabrics and supplies to create quilts for Mountain Family Center and Quilts Of Valor  quilts for veterans in Grand County. Peaks ‘n Pines appreciates the continued support we have received from the Lion’s Club. Website:


Proposition DD

Colorful Colorado is known for its majestic scenery and vibrant environment. But, over half of our state is arid and receives less than 15” of rain a year. Unfortunately, 85% of the State’s population lives on this arid and fast growing side of the Divide while 85% of the State’s precipitation falls on the West side of the Divide, with its majestic scenery and vibrant environment. The municipalities on the Front Range can’t grow without tapping into the river flows on the West Slope. This presents a dilemma for the vibrant environment that drives our State’s tourist economy.

To help find balance in our State’s water distribution, we wrote the Colorado Water Plan (CWP). The CWP attempts to balance our municipal, agricultural and environmental needs for water. Sadly, the CWP is just a plan without proper funding to implement what we have learned through the writing of this plan.

To help supplement funding shortfalls that will allow CWP projects to move forward, Proposition DD was proposed for this November’s ballot. Proposition DD will raise up to $29 million each year to help secure our State’s water future. 

We should be proud to live in a state that is thinking about the future of our water needs. Our economy and way of life depend on water. Please vote yes on Proposition DD. 

Kirk Klancke

President, Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited


Look out in this November vote! Proposition CC starts out by telling us that “Without Raising Taxes” we should effectively remove the spending limits placed on the legislature by the 1992 Tabor Amendment to our state constitution. Horse Pucky! 

Tabor already allows for automatic spending increases and state spending has increased steadily since 1992 – it has has zoomed up from $9 Billion to 40.9 Billion in the last 25 years. That’s a 354% increase. And what did it get us? Better roads? No! But it got Denver light rail, buses and bike paths. 

When legislators put CC on the ballot they were told that no refunds were expected. New staff estimates predict up to 1.7 Billion in tax refund over Tabor limits in the next three years.

 Current law requires refunds of any spending beyond Tabor limits. The Denver/Boulder big spenders want Prop CC to eliminate the refunds. That is a Tax Increase! Refunds occur only after the state gets its automatic increase. 

This amendment would be a tax increase for ever. Don’t step in the horse pucky, vote NO on Prop CC. 

Frank B Watts, Tabernash

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers! ~ Socrates