To the Editor

The Lions-9HealthFair was a huge success thanks to our 298 participants and our 76 volunteers (medical professionals, community members and Lions alike). Special thanks to our professionals who give their time/talent so generously to our community. Dr. Lucinda Young and Kathy Jamison from Winter Park Dental, Jamil Young and Amy Nagel from the PT department at Middle Park Health, Cathy Pacocha, PA-C from Ideal Dermatology in Winter Park and Dr. David Mellman from Denver, our two professionals who screened for skin issues as well as Dr. Nancy Germer who answered questions about the tests and screenings. Thanks to Jill Suffin and her colleagues for hosting Massage Therapy and Juice Plus information.  Scott Linn from Winter Park Optical helped with Vision screening, too. And here’s to the nine nursing professionals who so generously donated their time and talent to draw blood. Thank you to Kim Birdseye and her wonderful team! A big shout out to the terrific pharmacy team from Safeway who gave flu shots. Local RNs Anita Poole and Marina Vandas were joined by the Grand County EMS helping with blood pressures. 

Our generous financial donors helped us to advertise and feed our volunteers: Citywide Bank, Town of Winter Park, Town of Fraser, 9HealthFair, Grand Mountain Bank, SkyHi News,, Safeway and Sharon Scott & Joe Wetzel. In-kind donations included Fraser Elementary School, Elevation Pizza, Rocky Mountain Roastery, Middle Park Health, DenverHealth, Grand County EMS, Ideal Dermatology, Winter Park Optical and Winter Park Dental. 

Thanks to our community for their continued support and involvement in this “Own Your Own Health” event. As you can tell from this message, it truly takes a village to make this all happen.  And we have an awesome village! Mark your calendar for next year…October 3rd.  

Susan Odneal, Lions-9HealthFair Director

Fraser River Valley Lions Club 


To the Editor

Constitution Week was about the Constitution.

Muftic’s letter to the editor was itself biased and not based on firsthand information.  My wife and I attended all the evening talks and two of the lunch talks and we never saw Muftic present.  In contrast to Muftic’s hearsay, there were seven talks by learned professors and lawyers and these talks were very well researched and about the history of the constitution and the people who wrote it.  They were factual and not biased. The event was not used to advance a political agenda and almost no one mentioned President Donald Trump.

There were two talks about socialism and communism.  Two women talked about the poverty and repression under communism in Cuba and China.  They see the USA moving in the same direction as the countries they left. Muftic makes the case that socialism is not like communism.  However, the case is clear that some democracies have voted in socialist and that has led to dictatorships and disaster. Examples are Venezuela, Germany, Italy, etc.

The other woman in that group was from Sweden and she will not move back.  She loves the freedoms we have in the USA. She talked about the overreach of government in their daily life.  She did not like the health system as you have no choice in doctors, treatments and often have delayed rationed care.

Muftic then talks without firsthand knowledge about another year where one speaker out of ten nonpolitical talks that year talked about real life in the Muslim communities in Dearborn, Michigan.  This talk was not political. It was firsthand knowledge of the problems of the closed Muslim society where non-Muslim cannot even walk down the streets and people in the faith cannot leave it without the threat of violence.  Muftic then goes on a rant that Trump is racist, he is not. He wants to protect our country from terrorists and enforce our borders.

There are a lot of patriots at the Constitution Week and they are very supportive of the constitution and want to learn more about it and understand the protection it provides for their  individual liberties. I am proud of the event and hope it continues for many years to come.

Tim  Schowalter

Granby, Colorado


On Behalf of the Homesteader’s 4-H club, I would like to Thank You for buying peaches, apples and pears, we sold over 450 boxes of fruit!!! The apples will be ready sometime late October and we will deliver once we receive the shipment.  We really appreciate your support, we use the money for scholarships, community service projects and club activities.


Foster Krempin, Secretary

The Homesteader’s 4-H Club


To the Editor

Imagine my surprise when I opened Fri. 9/27 issue of the WP Times, only to find the editorializing drivel of Felicia Muftic again, after a multi month relief from it.  This time she is braying on about Grand Lake Constitution Week being a “partisan event”. I can only refer to a basic tenet of English law which says “Let both sides be fairly heard”.

After  several years of  non-stop harsh progressive babble on the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, et. al., not to mention constant propaganda put forth by much of K-12 and college education, perhaps it’s time  for a little conservative dialogue to balance things out, lest readers be deceived into believing the ravings of Muftic.

When print media (Wash Post, NY Times, WP Times, etc.) are added into the far left mix available on TV and in schools, that is a formidable, untruthful mix to overcome.  Its virtually unrestrained by law and is protected by the very constitution Muftic criticizes. It strongly influences what people talk and think about and often enjoys an authority held by dictators, tyrants and the clergy. Think about it. No diplomacy, social reform, legislation or foreign action can take place  unless the press prepares the public mind. (paraphrased from a blog)

Muftic begins her screed by accusing the Republican Party of branding all Democrats as socialists which, unless I’m watching the wrong debates, all 24 democratic candidates have heartily endorsed, to the extent that they’re all stepping on each others toes while crowding ever further left on the political spectrum.

—Muslim ban by Trump?  Not Really—just sorting through the prospective immigrants  to eliminate the real bad guys.

—Three women panel from China, Sweden & Cuba, detailing the “evils of socialism”—you bet!   Ask those who have lived under Mao, Maduro, and Fidel long term, what their lives were like.

—Sweden ranked among the top ten happiest countries in the world?—maybe at one time but recently they’ve begun to depart from their leftist tendencies and have regained some of their sanity when confronted by the realities of socialist life, high taxes and their Malmo Muslim problems.  The Swedes are definitely rethinking this.

It’s hardly surprising that barraged with daily doses of USA criticism, that some people are unhappy with their lot in life.

Socialism is the answer, Everything is going to be free, Just ask Muftic and AOC.

Frankly, I’m refreshed by a small dose of patriotic pro-USA programs and speakers offered by Constitution Week.  I’ll continue to participate and contribute, knowing it offers a small counterbalance to the harsh and unfounded continual criticisms of Muftic and the liberal left.

Pete Peterson

Tabernash Co.