To the Editor

Government investments in transportation, public buildings, water treatment systems, and other forms of vital infrastructure is key to creating good jobs and promoting a solid foundation for economic growth. States should reject the flawed economic growth strategy of cutting taxes and offering corporate giveaways, and instead identify and make investments in infrastructure that provides the foundation for a strong economy. It’s a good time for city and county governments to  make those investments, as well.

The condition of roads, bridges, trails, schools, water treatment plants, and other physical assets greatly influences the economy’s ability to grow and function. Growing communities rely on the foundational infrastructure to attract and maintain new businesses and create healthy communities. State-of-the art schools free from crowding and safety hazards improve educational opportunities for future generations of business owners and staffing. Communities need infrastructure improvements that can pay off economically in private-sector investment and stabilize the overall health of the community.

Leaders that are focused on conservative values that focus merely on the bottom line miss the big picture of community sustainability and when the infrastructure doesn’t keep up with the growth model, all sectors suffer. 

Grand County is faced with a series of financial hurdles in the coming years. Choosing leadership that has a vision beyond a spreadsheet is an important choice as our growing pains become more difficult.

Elizabeth McNichols

Second Homeowner in the Fraser Valley


The results of the 9th Annual Peaks ‘n Pines Quilt Show are in! The Best in Show winning quilt is “365 Challenge 2016” by Susan Nixon. The full list of winning quilts is available at  The Peaks ‘n Pines Quilt Guild would again like to thank Grand County for their support of the Quilt Show.