I’m compelled to respond to Melinda McWilliams’ interesting revision of US history (WPT, Letters to the Editor, August 9, 2019). Setting aside the Supreme Court’s affirmations that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, a brief reading of the anti-federalist writings, and history of the Bill of Rights will clearly show that the founders were concerned with limiting the power of the new Federal government, and wished to enumerate (not grant) some of the rights of the citizens. Where the founders wished to differentiate between Federal, State, and People, they said so. James Madison, with Thomas Jefferson’s inspiration, drafted the Bill of Rights to help assuage some of the concerns of the anti-federalists, necessary to the ratification of the Constitution by the states. To say that this one amendment does not apply to the people, but all the others do, indicates that further reading is in order. 

Conrad Long

Fraser, CO 


WARNING!! POISON HERBICIDE SPRAYING coming to you soon! and to us on Grand County Road 50, maybe on Mon., Aug. 26, at 8 a.m.  

My road, Grand County Road 50, is to be sprayed in its “rights of way”, to kill “noxious weeds”, maybe Monday, Aug. 26, starting at 8 a.m.

WARNING TO LOCALS & TOURISTS! You, kids, infants, pregnant women, asthmatics, dogs, cats, pets, horses, birds, bees, fish & wildlife will be exposed to Grand County’s spraying, using unmarked trucks, of poisonous herbicides/pesticides, once again, in their yearly war against plants they call “noxious weeds”, including Scentless chamomile, Oxeye daisy, thistles, & yellow sweet clover, which is not “noxious”, but is sprayed anyway, etc.

Grand County’s Weed Control trucks should have large signs on them, clearly alerting the public that they are spraying “POISONS” on public lands, and they should put written signs on the ground, indicating when it’s safe to be back in that sprayed area. They spray weed poisons NEAR STREAMS, NEAR OUR WELLS, etc.     

Herbicides to be used on County Road 50 rights of way are Milestone and Telar XP. If you read these herbicide labels, and translate them into plain English, you will GASP! *

You may have heard about lawsuits against the weed killer “Roundup” that causes cancer. But, Grand County’s weed spraying foreman, Amy Sidener, told me that Roundup herbicide is no more dangerous than the herbicides she uses on weeds, on edges of our roads! Do Grand County’s herbicides ALSO cause cancer?

Please pull weeds on your property, and please put “DO NOT SPRAY” signs on your property, to prevent Grand County’s spraying of poisonous herbicides on or near your property! Every weed pulled means less poisonous herbicide spraying in our areas.

Call Amy Sidener, Foreman, Grand County Natural Resources (weed spraying), at (970) 887-0745 (office), to tell her NOT to spray on or near your property.

Ask Amy to use mowing, volunteers pulling up weeds, goats, grass seeds, etc., INSTEAD of spraying POISONS. And ask when spraying will be happening in your areas.

Call me for more information, at (970) 531-5000.


Carol Sidofsky, GrandCountians Against Spraying Poisons(GASP)

Fraser, CO