To the Editor

Driving through Fraser is very dangerous right now, because the new medians have not yet had YELLOW PAINT put on their edges, to show exactly where the medians are.

And, Fraser &/or CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) also need to put LIGHTING on each median, in order to prevent deadly accidents at night, to motorists, children, short people, handicapped folks, dogs, pedestrians, and wildlife, etc.

We drivers CANNOT SEE WHERE THE MEDIANS ARE, YET. THEY ARE INVISIBLE, especially at night. PLEASE PUT YELLOW PAINT AND LIGHTS ON EVERY new MEDIAN on Highway 40 through the middle of Fraser!

Carol Sidofsky

Fraser, CO


Thanks to Cheryl Day, her amazing staff and friends who help her every year, Lions Club, P.E.O. Wild Horse Catering, …All who make ArtAffair such an enjoyable, fun event for, Visitors, Locals, Art Lovers, Dogs, and Artisans! Thank you judges, for my¬†“Best in Fine Art Award”. My face was tired from smiling so much! Congratulations for another great year and Weekend in the Park!