To the Editor

Please tell me what was memorable about the drab, worn out main street thru Granby?  A few flower pots? A few newer Buildings since Heemeyer.  How many of the millions of tourists driving thru would have wanted to stop except for gas or food?

But now, these bright, bold, beautiful, with it, eye popping murals are awakening even the sleepiest driver,  The street has come alive. People stop, circle around the block, take photos & selfies with these jaw dropping beauties.  No need to go to art museums in Denver for inspiration now. Granby has it & has risen above traditional, boring mountain scenes.  (in the mountains)

How many pictures of moose, peaks, aspens can we possibly be bored with?  Luckily, we’re surrounded with it naturally.    

This modern, dynamic, colorful art sets Granby apart from all the other mountain towns with their extremely redundant mural art.   Few folks will remember the giant moose mural in Winter Park. But Granby’s “on fire” scenes beg us to stop, step closer, ponder, remember & then walk around town for closer inspection of more incredible art.  

Granby has raised the bar for exciting, contemporary mural design.   

We love them & would like to see this collection grow. 


Trina & Bob Alexander