Fourth of July Politics

I didn’t know that the United States military was a personal, presidential, political prop. George Washington must have been turning over in his grave.

Congratulations on lowering the bar, President Trump. You successfully militarized our politics and politicized our military at the same time. Why couldn’t we have had one day without your divisiveness when the country could come together? Instead, you interjected yourself onto July Fourth politicizing and tainting a day of celebration.

Basically, your speech said that America was great. In fact, you outlined how many ways America had been great all along. And we really never did have to “make America great again.” But, you expressed that greatness with extreme patriotism.

Blacks, veterans, Latinos, Gold Star families all got lip service. But, instead you’ve done much to hurt those very people. The money for your event could have been far better spent.

How about spending it on helping asylum seekers or for free and fair elections across America without foreign interference? That would be really nice, Mr. President, and very American.

What if Barack Obama forced exactly the same event and speech on the public on a July Fourth?

The right-wing would have been furious for misappropriating a national holiday and using the military as a presidential prop. And they would have been right.

You have misused an honorable national holiday and shamed the nation all in one day.

Larry Rosenberg

Second Homeowner Winter Park