In Response to public comment

“While I completely agree that political leaders, need to be held accountable for our votes, I believe there is a misunderstanding. My analogy was in response to Assessor Tom Weydert using King George and Ice Cream as a learning tool. It had nothing to do with affordable housing, and I apologize for any misunderstanding where that is concerned. 

To provide clarification, I fully support efforts in affordable/attainable housing, and believe that great progress is being made.  As many are aware, Granby has two affordable/attainable housing developments currently in the works. The Rodeo Minor Subdivision (Rodeo Apartments) will contain 106 units.  The property was given to the Town of Granby in 2003 with the deed restriction that it must be used for affordable/attainable units.

Further, Smith Creek Crossing will create 310 affordable/attainable housing units.

I think what EVERYONE is currently working on is critical to creating workforce housing in Grand County, and I wholeheartedly support these efforts.”

If you have questions for me about anything, please feel free to contact me at or 970-531-1366.  I am always available to talk with you.

Commissioner Kristen Manguso ~ District 3



To the Editor

One method to add to the availability of affordable housing is to allow one accessory living unit for all single-family residences in Grand County and municipalities based on a permit:

The single-family zoning ordinances would have to be amended to allow two residence occupancy. 5 year permits for such units would be based on suitable accessory accommodations, adequate off-street parking and approved long-term lease forms with similar oversight the County has for short-term rentals.  Permit fees would cover the cost of inspections.The permits could be revoked if nuisance complaints were reviewed and revocations made by elected officials after a hearing.

There are caretaker units scattered throughout the County that already provide affordable housing, often with the bonus of added income to the caretakers or free or low rent.  Allowing all SF homes to include additional living units could add additional affordable living units in the County at no cost to the taxpayers and with certain benefits to homeowners.  The right would be voluntary with the initiative up to the homeowner.

Tim Urban

Des Moines, Iowa