To The Editor,

Isn’t Mountain Parks Electric just wonderful. Those of us who have been around for more than 20 years just got a rebate from MPE. We get one on occasion. They send crews to South America to get electricity to country folks. They give to charities! They send us a magazine that tells us how wonderful they are!

But wait a minute. Just what does this mean? They call that money a “Capitol Credit Check for a portion of your allocated margins … from the years 1992, 96 & 97.” This is CoOp speak which means that they are overcharging us! Are we paid any interest on the use of our money for 20-25 years? What took so long? Do we pick the same charities as they do to give money to? Do we really want to pay for rural electricity in South America? Do we really want to hear monthly how nice they are?

MPE has mostly fixed the frequent and lengthy power outages that once plagued us. Now it seems that they have run out of Electricity Issues so now spend their executive efforts in self aggrandizement. They are a public monopoly – no competition, created by government, regulated by government, and bow to government.

I for one, don’t want them to spend my money to make me feel good about them. I’d like to hear what the executive salaries are? Would like to see them tell us what they are doing to hold down and reduce costs. Tell us that they will fight further government dictation of expensive renewable energy – currently at %20. Tell us just how much renewable energy has added to our electric bills.

Fat Chance! But it would be just wonderful!

Frank B Watts, Winter Park Highlands