Dear Winter Park Times,

I pause a moment to say thank you to Fraser Tire. As a young person who grew up in the Fraser Valley, I too often rolled my eyes when someone called me out because they recognized my car and called my mom when I was out of line in my high school days. But the sense of community and customer service is unlike anywhere else. Of recent, I bounced off a pot hole on Hwy 40, totally flattened my tire. . . . another discussion to be had with Town of Winter Park and CDOT. . .but got such incredible customer service from Fraser Tire. They went out of their way to help me and it makes me appreciate The Valley that much more.  

Ben Morgan

Ft Collins


To the Editor

The tire manufacturers must love the Denver/Boulder Democrats. The highway from Winter Park to Granby must have a thousand cracks, pot holes and fox holes. When I drive my old truck it is obvious that the rubber is coming off at an insane rate. The roads in much of Colorado are nearly as bad.

Meanwhile the Democrat politicians in Denver are taking away guns without due process, giving our electoral votes to California and New York, crippling the oil and gas industry in Colorado, and sanctioning late term abortions (killing babies).

They are also about to increase the mandated 20% of expensive “renewables” onto our electric bill while burying the cost in the kilowatt hour. They have generously subsided the light rail, buses and bike paths in Boulder/Denver – all operated at a loss.

But what the hell do they care anyway – they probably seldom get out of their front range cocoons and seldom outdoors except to water their lawns with Colorado River water.

Long live the tire companies.

Frank B Watts

Winter Park Highlands.