Mountain Parks Electric (MPE) is Good at Spinning their Story

I am actually surprised and at the same time delighted to see Mr. Sifers defend the MPE decisions to keep secrets from member/owners about their recent cost of service study and again claim they are simply covering operating costs while at the same time choosing to pursue an unnecessary expenditure for a system that is only needed to provide subsidized broadband internet service for a few at the expense of all electric customers.  They know that if they were under the jurisdiction of the PUC such expenditures would not be allowed in electric rates. But they are good at spinning the facts to tell their side of this story. According to their last public estimate of cost, “only $6-7 million”, this broadband project is the financial equivalent of hiring 6-7 full time employees for the next 30 years to stand around waiting for some ISP to lease their capacity! What a waste.  The MPE board has the power to approve expenditures and to set rates, to withhold requested information, and they are also the ones to hear concerns of members. So, their decisions are final. Lucky us to have an unregulated “cooperative” utility with monopoly service rights that chooses to subsidize broadband internet through our electric bills!

Les Shankland, P.E.

Grand County