To the Editor

Use a mediator to solve the government shutdown

I believe all the component parts are in place to produce an agreement to end the government shutdown. The missing link is how to bring them all together in a manner that saves face for both sides, the White House and Senate Democrats.

That is where the services of a mediator can be extremely helpful. Such a person can meet with each side separately and put together a solution acceptable to both parties.

That solution can then be set forth by the mediator himself, while giving credit to each side for having come up with a part of that agreement. In this way, neither side will be perceived as having given up their position in deference to the other side.

George Mitchell used these techniques to bring peace to Northern Ireland in the late 90’s. A similar result could be accomplished by a team of two persons of similar stature, one Democrat and one Republican.

All that is needed is for both two sides to acknowledge that assistance from a team of mediators would be helpful. Until that happens, both sides will continue to look more and more incapable and foolish.

Anthony Cushman


To the Editor

In the January 11 issue of Winter Park Times, John DiGirolamo has his list of 2019 wishes.  I was rather shocked and dismayed when I read #7 and his comments regarding gender identity.  I know several young people in this county who are transgender, you may know them too. How would we like it if it was our child who was transgender and someone made those offensive comments?  I know this column is his opinion, but it reflects on your paper negatively. Also, #13 about Prochoice supporters was way out of line.

I really have enjoyed the newspaper and have been happy to have it be so local.  But remarks like John’s were so offensive that I am thinking about not reading it anymore.  

You may want to reconsider allowing him to write this column, or read it carefully before you publish it.  

Thanks for hearing me out.


Kathy Jamison


To the Editor

I have enjoyed reading John’s columns as a mostly fair look at conservative viewpoints. But I very much take exception to his 2019 wish list, especially number 7. No one expects you to live on a fantasy land. Reality IS that some people are born with the wrong plumbing. It’s a birth defect of one’s reproductive parts, buddy. It’s sorta like having crossed eyes, club feet or a cleft pallet. You can’t help it, it just IS! Fortunately, today’s medical science and our culture has allowed for things to be corrected in folks unfortunate enough to be affected by fetal mis-development of ALL types. Unfortunately, the understanding and acceptance by certain folks will never be there. They will still stare at or mock people who are different than themselves. Some folks who are lucky enough to be born cisgender longer to catch up with reality. If you still believe that  transgender is a “make believe” condition then YOU sir are living on the fantasy island.

And your comment about transgenders was mean, and uninformed.

Also, in response to #17,  biodegradable straws are an important development to protecting our environment. Yes, straws are mostly unnecessary, but when they ARE necessary (I.e. hospitals) then the KIND of straw used can make a difference!

Perhaps the busy holidays caused you to produce a column that wasn’t worthy of your usual insights, but you need to apologize for your unkind and potentially dangerous mocking of people born transgender. We’ve had enough suicides because this form of bullying was allowed without consequences.

Kathy Gilbertson