Re STRs:

Countering a Letter in the Skyhi news last week.   I understand the need for funding infrastructure. However, I’ve already demonstrated to the county that my owner-occupied STR contributes WAY more in taxes to the county than it utilizes in resources. The “problems” created by STRs are NOT those of owner-occupied ones (noise, parking, garbage, etc.) so we should NOT be responsible for that through fines, permit requirements, etc. Also, the county needs to figure out taxation of cyber-companies.

AirBnB & VRBO are the fasting growing lodging companies in the country and don’t own a single building. UBER & Lyft are the fastest growing transportation companies w/o owning a single vehicle. Rather than tax the schoolteacher who uses his own vehicle to drive visitors around on weekends or further tax the Grandma who rents a room in her basement to weekend guests, you need to figure out how to tax these billion dollar companies who are making money, recruiting, advertising, and promoting their business in our county.

Lastly, a $400K annual budget to administer the brand new (6month) STR program seems excessive. Growing more bureaucracy while raising taxes to pay for it all while shafting Grand County small business owners seems counter to the stated Republican agenda. Yet, those are the plans of our 100% Republican elected county representatives.  Did I miss something?

Kathy Gilbertson


To ‘Anonymous’ in Phoenix, I would like to say I have always enjoyed when Frank Watts has a letter to the editor.  He shows a wealth of common sense, which is very lacking to our world today. The left wing liberals are the ones who named us conservatives ‘deplorable’ and ‘Nazi’.  If Hillary wanted to call me a deplorable for not choosing her as my president, that’s perfectly fine with me, I’ll be a deplorable and admit it to anyone who cares to listen.

And why wouldn’t the Winter Park Times print Frank’s letter?  Don’t you remember that lengthy hate filled ABC list, called ’Trump Alphabet’  the Winter Park Times printed in their May 18, 2018 edition? Apparently ‘Anonymous’ in Phoenix thinks only their side gets a say.  Sounds awfully familiar these days doesn’t it?

To the Winter Park Times, regarding your July 6, 2018 article about the Stage 2 fire restrictions, I would like to state that my husband and I owned and operated a fireworks stand in Granby for 29 years.  Of course that required us to stay current with all the laws associated with fireworks. The last we knew, we do not believe the fire restrictions can stop the SALE of fireworks. There’s a big difference between selling, buying or using fireworks.  You can look it up in the Colorado Revised Statutes, where only a State mandate can restrict the SALES, under certain conditions.

I find the Winter Park Times to be more informative and newsworthy than our local Granby paper.  Thank you for that.

‘Anonymous’ in Phoenix, I would like to repeat back to you:  What ever happened to love thy neighbor as thy self? I also ask you to join me in dropping the negativity and spend at least as much time ourselves, and encouraging others, to help unite our country before we’re torn completely apart; to be tolerant of others and their opinions; to honor our right of free speech, without spewing nastiness and screaming ‘racist’ at anyone who differs with us.

Like Frank Watts, but unlike ‘Anonymous’ in Phoenix, I’m not afraid to sign my name.

Nancy Covey, Granby

~~~ One More Time…~~~

To the Editor:

I used to be just “a deplorable racist” but now I’m a “Nazi”. People who believe as I do about illegal immigration are being regularly called Nazis by the left and their media. We have suddenly shown our stripes by wanting to separate families!

Never mind that we are merely in favor of enforcing long existing legislation. Never mind that Obama did the same thing without the media hype.Never mind that the parents are breaking our law. Never mind that families that come to any Port of Entry on the border are not separated. Never mind that some of these kids are brought in by child traffickers. Never mind that some of these kids are with bogus parents. Never mind that some of these kids are brought in by MS 13. Never mind that Cartels foster kids’ entry in order to occupy border agents so as to bring drugs in easier. Never mind that conservative efforts to change the law are regularly rejected by the left in hopes that they will have some kind or issue for the fall elections.

The left’s platform for the fall elections is now fully developed; Hate Trump – defend MS13, hate Trump – defend Hamas, hate the Trump family – gut the tax cuts, hate Conservatives – defend illegal immigrant criminals, call conservatives Nazis.

Frank B Watts, Winter Park Highlands