To the Editor:

Last Saturday marked the 23rd running/walking of the Rendezvous Run 4 Independence.  The Run benefits the Colorado Children’s Hospital. Over the years this event

has sponsored hundreds of children from the Denver Children’s Hospital Dialysis Center to attend summer camp at Snow Mountain Ranch at the YMCA of the Rockies.  

It has given these “Kiddos” and their families a respite from the ongoing weekly demands and confinements that accompany kidney disease and kidney dialysis.

This community event has been made possible by the combined expertise of our Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Rendezvous Colorado, Snow Mountain Ranch,

and community support and sponsorship.

We want to give particular thanks to Catherine and her team at our Chamber of Commerce. It is their organization, dedication, and hard work that leads to the success

of this and the rest of our summer events.  And thank you to all of the runners, walkers, bicyclers and volunteers who made this year’s Run 4 Independence the successful

and special day it was. You made an impact on the lives of Colorado children with kidney disease and their families.



Kent and Jancie Hughes



Dear Editor,

Wow after reading that hate filled racist letter that Frank B Watts wrote, now I know why the term deplorables came into being, plus he added nazi. How deplorable, and to think that Winter Park Times published it! That letter was deplorable. What ever happened to love thy neighbor as thy self?

Name withheld at request

Phoenix AZ