To the Editor,

I used to be just “a deplorable racist” but now I’m a “Nazi”. People who believe as I do about illegal immigration are being regularly called Nazis by the left and their media. We have suddenly shown our stripes by wanting to separate families!
Never mind that we are merely in favor of enforcing long existing legislation. Never mind that Obama did the same thing without the media hype. Never mind that the parents are breaking our law. Never mind that families that come to any Port of Entry on the border are not separated. Never mind that some of these kids are brought in by child traffickers. Never mind that some of these kids are with bogus parents. Never mind that some of these kids are brought in by MS 13. Never mind that Cartels foster kids’ entry in order to occupy border agents so as to bring drugs in easier. Never mind that conservative efforts to change the law are regularly rejected by the left in hopes that they will have some kind or issue for the fall elections.
The left’s platform for the fall elections is now fully developed; Hate Trump – defend MS13, hate Trump – defend Hamas, hate the Trump family – gut the tax cuts, hate Conservatives – defend illegal immigrant criminals, call conservatives Nazis.

Frank B Watts
Winter Park Highlands