To the Editor:

St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church is very thankful for the generous support of the Fraser Valley community. This year we had another successful season of Cranmer Chapel Friday Night Dinners. With the help of organizations throughout the Valley, we served over 1250 meals, for a total of over 25,000 meals over the 19 years the Dinners have been provided. What an accomplishment! As our announcements always say, anyone and everyone is welcome to come.

St. John’s Episcopal Church could not serve the Dinners in Cranmer Chapel without the help and support of several organizations. Winter Park Resort cooks the Thanksgiving Turkeys which are donated by St. John’s; the resort also provides the entire first Friday Dinner of the season. The other organizations that help provide meals are: the Grand County Jewish Community; the Catholic Churches of Grand County; Lord of the Valley Lutheran Church; Church of Eternal Hills; Winter Park Christian Church; Fraser Valley Lions Club; Advocates and Grand County Mountain Family Services. In addition, this year, thanks to Larry DiPasquale, we were particularly fortunate to have two outstanding meals donated by Epicurean Caterers of Denver.

Thanks again to the above organizations, and individuals who have helped with their volunteering and contributions.  Without these dinners, many of those attending said they would not have been able to afford such delicious, healthy meals.

Jim Magill and Gary Piper


To the Editor,

From recent polls, it appears I am not the only one who is tired of the term “fake news”

As near as I can tell, Mr. Trump means “anything which is not flattering to me,” even when it is true. Clearly he does not like the press, but hasn’t realized that being mean to them will not make them be any nicer to him.

Recently, a man in Michigan called CNN headquarters and said “I’m coming to gun you all down,” because of “fake news.” Although he did not mention Mr. Trump by name, it is not hard to see why he felt emboldened to make such a threat, given that Mr. Trump has also labeled the Press as “enemies of the people.”

Although this is not an impeachable offense, it is troubling. No president has been happy with all of the media coverage of their administration, especially due to misguided or leaked information.  

The job of a Free Press is to keep all of our elected leaders honest by asking potentially embarrassing questions. As Thomas Jefferson said, he would rather have “newspapers without a government” than the other way around.

“Mr. Trump, please stop saying ‘fake news’ and celebrate the journalist working to tell the American story.”

Pete B., Tabernash


To the Community:

As the Grand County Concert Series nears the end of its 2018 season, we would like to thank everyone who made it a huge success.

Many thanks to our subscribers, our donors, our grantors and all of the businesses for their generous support.  You made it possible to bring acclaimed, classical musicians to Grand County. Ace Hardware Fraser, Allegiant Management, B Lazy 2, Bottle Pass Liquors, By Design, Channel 17, City Market, Colorado Art Works, Colorado Creative Industries, H & R Block, Pem Dunn Artist, Fine Arts Foundation, Edward Jones and Jan Knisely, The Godowski’s, The Grand Foundation, Grand Mountain Bank, Hernandos, KFFR, Fraser Valley Lions Club, Melem, Michael’s Audio and Video, Mountain Moon Yoga, National Endowment for the Arts, ReMax Peak to Peak, Rotary Club of Granby, Rotary Club of Winter Park and Fraser Valley, Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, Safeway, Sage Peak Associates, Sky-Hi News, State Farm, TV 18, Tabernash Tavern, Karen Vance Artist, Gabriela Vogelbacher, Volarios, Wealth Management Services, Wild Horse Catering, Winter Park Alpine Art Affair, Winter Park Dental, Winter Park Times and Grand County Board of Commissioners.
We hope you will join us Thursday, April 26, when the students of Grand County perform with the professional Colorado Children’s Chorale in a free community concert at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Eternal Hills, Tabernash. Don’t miss the chance to see our wonderful Grand County students perform.

Grand County Concert Series Board
Judy Baxter, President
Shanna Ganne, Executive Director


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