Judicial Watch, Attorney General Barr and the Senate are all now investigating the potential illegal behavior of the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, State Department and others in ‘Deep State’ who aimed toward sabotaging candidate and elected President of our Republic. Expect more indictments to follow.

This has the Deep State, Democrat party and the Leftist Media in mortal fear. They had realized that this would happen if Trump was elected. Thus they triggered the FISA farce, Russia-gate (Muller) investigation, slander, House Impeachment and whatever comes next. It started when Trump was a candidate, continued during his inauguration and will continue through this year’s election. It is an attempt to hide the facts about the Democrat Party, Clinton, probably Obama, the Deep State and some in the media being involved in this scam. Their actions;

Make no effort to find out what really happened in Benghazi.

Write off the Clinton email scandal by not investigating the matter.

Make no effort to look into the Clinton’s OffShore Foundation.

Get the FISA court to trigger the Russia-gate/Muller “collusion” investigation based upon a bogus Steele Dossier paid for by Clinton and the Democrat party.

Unsuccessfully remove President Trump for “abuse of power”.

Threaten to do it again.

Threaten to Impeach Attorney General Barr.

Slander Trump through their captive media.

Tear up Trumps State of the Union speech on camera.

Whatever comes next. 

What donations were received and handouts done by the Clinton OffShore Foundation? Were there really several sizable donations from the old Corrupt Ukraine government? What payments and to whom were made from the Foundation?

Muller turned the rule of law on it’s head when he suggested that the President is guilty of collusion because he couldn’t prove him innocent. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? As Judicial Watch said, “Because there is no foundation. If there were a foundation, there would have been indictments or requests for an indictment.”       

The House used that twisted logic and a telephone call to the new leader of Ukraine to investigate Trump and to ask for Impeachment. Trump released the content of the phone call, which was straight forward. You can find it on the net.

The Democrats in the House produced 17 witnesses accusing Trump of “crimes” based on second and third hand hearsay, said they had an airtight case, then had the gall to say that the Senate needed to call more witnesses. He was exonerated by the Senate – two thirds vote was required and they couldn’t even get a majority vote.

Barr appeared before the house and made the Dems look silly. This caused them to talk about impeaching him – for what –  making them look stupid? Yet the beat goes on! Led by the Dems captive media like CNN and MSNBC. The tactic is to throw as much feces at the wall as possible and some will stick.

Then the speaker of the house failed to introduce the President at the State Of The Union address with the traditional “it is my high honor and privilege”, Trump refused to shake her hand, and she then tore up the copy of the speech she was given. How childish!

It should be clear to anyone closely watching this comedy that nothing will be out of bounds that taints the President. He has been too successful in what he has DONE. Let justice be done – go get em Attorney General Barr.


Frank Watts, Tabernash