Letter to the Editor.

As a long time resident of Grand County (since 1969), I can remember when the state cut off well permits for WP Highlands for awhile because the water table dropped.  There have been concerns for a long time about the Fraser River where we get our water table in the eastern Grand County.  My understanding is there have been water issues in the county off and on for quite awhile.  We are seeing a great deal of new development in the Winter Park area and I sure would like to know where all the water to support this development is coming from.  Has a study been done lately?  This would be a good article as lots of us keep asking the question, “What will happen if everyone flushes their toilet at the same time.”  We need to be informed and assured we will continue to have the water we need.

Thank you,

Diane Howell


Letter to the Editor

The “Country Doctor” article in the January 19th edition of the Winter Park Times is misleading. It deserves a longer response than I currently have time for right now. Scientific Research into the benefits of marijuana have been limited due to its categorization as a Schedule 1 Drug (that categorization, BTW, was also done without any scientific research). Currently, the only “studies” are those by medical practitioners who observe their patients. And, isn’t that as it should be? I prefer my Doctor making those decisions versus Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Giants or the government (in this case). The experience of hundreds of thousands of patients, as observed by their doctors, indicate that cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, pain and insomnia among others. If it makes one “happy” as well, I’ll take it over opioids, anti-depressants, Ritalin and Ambien any day of the week!
Be clear, the government has not ALLOWED “scientific research”, but doctors have been treating patients with cannabis for thousands of years! It helps people stay alive, frees them from pain, allows them to sleep, eases their anxiety, prevents their glaucoma, and can make them happy as well! What’s the rub?


Kathy Gilbertson

Tabernash, Colorado


Hey Drew

About your dandelion article. Do you realize that at one time,where you saw that dandelion,dinosaurs were slogging through a swamp at basically sea level. Now that’s climate change. Then all of a sudden (in geological time) there was about 5 miles of ice over that swamp and when that melted the rocky mountains appeared. Now that’s climate change.

A man made reservoir losing water to a bunch of Californians watering there golf courses and a dandelion in the mountain, pales in comparison. I was just in southern Florida a couple weeks ago and as northern Florida was getting snow my wife and I were freezing our asses off in our cabana clothes we brought.  We watched the New York snowbirds walk around in there heavy sweaters and mink coats. It’s called weather! Climate change is something that happens over millions of years not decades. Quit worrying we will be fine!

Bob Bolen

Grand County