Sarcastic Wit

As a life long idea man, I have some ideas for current critical problems:

  • The Broncos need to have John Elway do more television commercials!
  • The Democrat party needs to have more Hollywood support!
  • Global warming folks need to see grapes grown in Iceland again!
  • Colorado public education needs to see a three day work week!
  • Silicon Valley needs to release more products with more faults quicker!
  • The internet needs more commercials!
  • The county needs to rehire the attorney who suggested taxing the YMCA!
  • The state needs to spend more on light rail and bike paths and less on roads!
  • The country needs more programs to aid illegal immigrants!
  • I need to grow less hair!

Just a sincere attempt to find solutions.

Frank B Watts

Winter Park Highlands


To the Editor

I am often in awe of the beauty in Grand County. Especially when the seasons start to change and snow covers the divide, I am reminded why I love Grand County. With the holidays drawing near and Colorado’s largest day of giving, Colorado Gives Day, less than a month away, now is the time I reflect on why I give.

I joined the Board of the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust because the land along the Colorado River and its tributaries and in Grand County is unique and is at risk from the pressures brought on by a growing state population.  The Colorado Headwaters Land Trust is the only land conservation organization working solely in Grand County.  I hope that my part in the organization will help to meet our goal of protecting the irreplaceable land so that future generations can share in the open vistas, wildlife and running water that characterize our special county.

Colorado Gives Day unites all Coloradans in a common goal to strengthen the state’s nonprofits by giving to their favorite nonprofits online. Since inception in 2010, Colorado Gives Day has raised a total $145.3 million. This year, in addition to donating my time to Colorado Headwaters Land Trust, I will be donating to this conservation nonprofit on December 5th. I encourage you to do so also. As you drive around the county and see the protected open space, think of Colorado Headwaters Land Trust, and think about giving this year.

As an added incentive to schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation, myself and the other board members will match the first $10,000. Don’t waste this easy way to double the impact of your gift. Donating is easy: go to and search for Colorado Headwaters Land Trust or your favorite nonprofit anytime on or before December 5th. This year, I choose to give where I live, play, and love, and I hope you do too.


Stewart McNab, CHLT Vice-President


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to voice my support for Hithers Edge Ranch, the Samuelson Family, and TMF Fencing.  

It has come to my attention that recently a coalition of neighbors and nearby second home owners are trying to restrict the way the Samuelson’s use their land, otherwise known as “Hithers Edge Ranch”. This is concerning for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the notion that people can restrict someone’s ability to use their land in unincorporated Grand County to make a living is a dangerous precedent to set, especially when a large number of these people are neither adjacent neighbors or full-time residents. Secondly, the Samuelson family would be ruined if they were unable to make a living off of the ranch. They have been in this valley for generations and have contributed much to our rich history, it would truly signal the end of an era if they were forced to change their livelihood.  We risk losing our entire identity as a community.

I grew up in this county with Jonas Pearson and Ehren Samuelson and remember before “Hithers Edge Ranch” was the name of the property in question. Long before it was ever a residence, it was a working ranch that the Samuelson family ran their outfitting business on. We used to camp on the ranch regularly and it was a spot where you could really get away from it all and just enjoy nature. Through the years it has been truly amazing to see how much hard work, time, and money the Samuelson’s have put in to not only their property, but also to help maintain the road leading to the property. The residence they have built is truly beautiful, and while they were developing and building the ranch they were also acting as stewards of the natural habitat and maintained the health and beauty of the forest on and adjacent to their land. I cannot say the same for the adjacent neighbors who are complaining about their activities.

Anyone who lives in grand county for long enough gets used to the sound of a chainsaw running, a skid steer working, or any number of various loud activities that are necessary to maintain our lifestyles in this harsh environment. Logging, hunting, living off the land, and preserving the natural beauty of the environment are engrained in the very fabric of what makes this county great, and why I am raising my family here. I have personally been to many gatherings of various types at Hithers Edge Ranch and the Samuelson’s are always very specific to tell everyone to respect the neighbors, the access road, and the land. It is truly a magical place and they deserve to continue building their legacy, one which I’m sure will echo through many future generations to come in this valley.


Samuel A. Redfield