Superintendent’s Corner:

Frank Reeves – East Grand School District

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak with the Winter Park – Fraser Rotary Club.  It was a great discussion and anytime I can get the opportunity to brag about our schools and district I am happy to do so.  The best part about talking to community groups is the realization that in East Grand, philanthropy towards the schools is incredible.  When the Rotarians review all of the programs they support and the Lions Club gives to help our kids succeed, we become a better school.  Our local businesses also give support both financially and in other ways to make our schools better places.  Individuals and families also often come forward with help to make sure that we are able to provide greater equity for all of our students.

Government entities also partner with the schools in ways to provide more opportunities for our students.  Our recreation districts are available to us and other agencies provide support in areas like mental health or outdoor education.

The Grand Foundation and our non-profits play a huge role in helping both our students and our staffs have what they need to improve.  We simply could not offer the same quality of education without support from the many non-profits in our county.

I am amazed at the goodwill towards our schools the community displays.  It sends a great message to our students and our staff that we are supported and that we can achieve anything.  I have been a part of many districts, but I have never been a part of a community that supports their schools and students as much as our East Grand community does.  We should all be proud of our student’s achievements because collectively we are all apart of that success.  

Thank you East Grand community for all of your support, we will do everything we can to provide the best education possible for our children.  They deserve it.



To the Editor:

On Wednesday September 13 in the morning we were parked at the Fraser Valley Rec Center.  When getting home we noticed a severe dent in our Subaru Outback.  Someone had to hit us on purpose.  If the culprit is reading this, it very disappointing that you didn’t at least leave a note with your information.  Now it will cost us over $500 to repair the vehicle.

John Rankin

PO Box 1675

Granby, CO 80446

Ph. 970.221.4787


To Our Community:

Thank you to all who helped to make Friday’s Afternoon Celebration absolutely wonderful.  It was an epic send-off for our Resident Humorist – Jack of All Trades – Bibliophile – Inkslinger – Vocabulist – Compulsive Shopper – Automobile Connoisseur – Intellectual.  Your presence and support means so much to us during this time, how fortunate we are to have such a caring community.


The Family of Jon de Vos