To the Editor

I am for responsible growth that benefits the people and the town of Winter Park. The

annexation agreement and Final Development Plan, fdp, for ROAM as currently written does

not legally insure those benefits.

I am specifically concerned with the cost burden to the Town which is nowhere addressed in

actual costs but frequently stated in this binding agreement as, “the town will be responsible

for…” For example: the town will be responsible for improvements to Porphyry park which

includes parking and restrooms, improvements to the road accessing the park, and funding

and construction of the Fraser River Trail. (This from a single page in the document). A detailed

cost analysis should be provided to the Council and the public before the agreement is


Second, the Town has been revising the Master Plan since the middle of 2017 and yet it states

in the fdp that the developer will abide by the plan developed in 2006. It seems disingenuous

to enter into a 20 year agreement, that will double the size of WP on the basis of an expiring

plan and while a new vision for the town is being formulated.

I’m also concerned with the many uses of the term, “at the developers discretion” in the

agreement. The fdp should address who pays, when it will be completed and how it should

look. The terms in this binding agreement should be in writing so we aren’t in another

contentious legal battle like the one ongoing with the RR underpass.

The fdp also states “The Fraser river will be private with no public access” and the agreement

only requires a 16 foot river easement. In addition the developer will be granted a variance from

the current 55 foot height maximum in the building code to allow a 75 foot tall hotel. Why?

The March 6, 2018 Town Council Meeting agenda includes public comment on ROAM. The

final vote on the annexation, metro district and fdp are scheduled for that same meeting.

Attend the March 6 meeting and please request Council delay the vote in order to thoughtfully

review public comment.

Priscilla Kirouac

Winter Park Colorado


To the people:

What happened in Parkland, Florida, this week is every parent’s worst nightmare. The thought of seeing our children off to school in the morning, only to get a call no parent should ever have to take:

There’s been a shooting. Your child is gone.

It’s unthinkable. Horrific.

And yet the senseless slaughter continues: an elementary school in Connecticut, a church in South Carolina, a concert in Nevada, a movie theater in Aurora, and a high school in Littleton. Politicians continue to let us down and do nothing.

It’s time for our leaders to drop the pretense that reducing gun violence is incompatible with honoring our 2nd Amendment Rights and show they aren’t scared by the army of lobbyists from gun manufacturers.

We must honestly ask ourselves: what commonsense steps can we take to reduce these tragic acts of gun violence?

Patti Manwaring

Defuniak Springs, Florida

and Tabernash Colorado