The last few years we have been on a American metropolitan lifestyle tour. Yes, occasionally, I enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. There is always something to see or do and the energetic pulse of America’s great cities can be exhilarating. And exhausting at the same time.

In this dizzying world of tech cities, garden cities, port cities and smart cities, the common denominator is speed and efficiency. People are on the move, focused and demanding, everywhere you turn, everywhere you look it is “Go Time.”.

Resort communities are starting to develop a similar rhythm. When I moved to Grand County in 1983, we had a couple of months off each spring and each fall. The off season was a time to catch up on projects, travel the world, and relax a bit before the next seasonal wave rushes in.

My Grand County storyline is a familiar song sung by many, I moved here for the winters but stayed for the summers.  I have been in here more than half my life, and like many of you, I have been livin’ and lovin’ a seasonal dream. However, the lifestyle we know and love is not for everyone. And these days, our seasons are fast and furious much like the fast-paced life in a big city.

As winter transitions to spring and before we get back to the vibe of summer, we are going to take a little time off and I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has contributed to our success.

Strong communities share a common voice and are built on a foundation of small businesses that network, share information and support each other so I would like thank all of our readers who add to the fabric of our community. Your contributions, feedback, letters and donations mean the world to us!  

When we started the Winter Park Times, we knew it would take time to get our legs under us, and, we always envisioned a robust, adventure filled, off season.  We have a few adventures planned this spring and we wanted to let everyone know are coming up on our spring schedule.

Starting April 19th through May 31st we are cutting our publication dates back to every other week. We will still be posting breaking news and important stories online.  

Please call, text or email if you have something to share. And if you have not had a chance to visit our website or social sites, take a moment and check them out. If you subscribe to our e-edition, you can access our publication Thursdays at 5pm.

And remember, we couldn’t make it happen without our foundational partners and advertisers, so if you like what we are doing, please let them know. Support the businesses and organizations that support our multimedia company. That support enables the work we do.