Astute readers will recognize a change in what we in this business sometimes refer to as my column “bug,” the apparition, page right, that includes a facsimile of my frosty mug.

This one includes the title Open Range, which is a column about, well, a wide range of topics. I’ve been writing under this header since just after the turn of the century (the most recent one, for those wondering).

I decided to ditch the “Consultant’s Corner” title I used previously as unnecessary, in that writing about the goings-on at East Grand County’s newest media outlet is, in fact, included in a wide range of topics. In that vein, I’d like to highlight two seminal events in the pages of this edition of our fledgling enterprise.

First, on the page above this column [in the printed edition], you are witnessing history — i.e., the first letter to the editor printed in in response to an article. I’d like to extend a hearty shout-out to John Erwin for his thoughtful and informative insights into the important issue of regulating short-term rentals, a topic sure to crop up from time to time.

And I’d like to take the opportunity to shamelessly solicit more opinions — good, bad or otherworldly — from readers inclined to sound off on topics near and dear to their hearts. Just email your letters to We will do our utmost to accommodate your opinions, which we consider among the most valuable content we feature.

The other “event” to which I referred is found at the top of the facing page [in the printed edition], where readers will find the inimitable Jon DeVos’ new TGIF column. For many readers, Jon needs no introduction. His column, if memory serves, has appeared on news pages in various iterations of Grand County media for more than four decades. When I heard he was going to write for, I couldn’t have been more excited.

That sound you hear is a host of angels singing, the heavens opening with a peal of thunder, trumpets in full fanfare and … oh wait, this is print, you may have to visit for the multimedia extravaganza.

In any event, Jon, please consider this the editorial equivalent of the most plush red carpet imaginable being rolled out to welcome you to this humble endeavor.