This week I thought I would toss out some concepts behind the multimedia of tomorrow for a little self analyzation of this newspaper endeavour. The name Multimedia is self explanatory. When broken down, the first part of the word “multi” means many and “media” is the collective of creative mediums.

I have produced television media for 25 years, a medium I know well. I have produced everything from family movies, national ads and trailers to infomercials, documentaries and news stories.  With that being said, print is a new medium for me.  Nothing like getting in before it dies, right?  Better late than never, I guess. (insert your favorite cliche here).

I think it’s fair to say that the internet is the host for all creative mediums, and as host, has branded itself as a medium in its own right. The pure nature of open source informational exploration is purely revolutionary and “with evolution brings life and death”. Darwinism 101.  So we must ask the question, is print dying?  

The delivery of the written word is definitely evolving and as journalism, blogs and social networks evolve, print media will continue to find it’s final resting place in our evolution. Many believe it has a finite future but truly, will it ever die?

Here’s my thought, no doubt interactive media is going to play a large role in the future of human existence.  Increasingly, our daily lives will be consumed by the digital world but, I believe there is a refreshing breath to be taken every time you pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and, I believe that feeling will last into the future even as print takes a diminished role in the journalistic world.

For now there is a generation still craving the tactile nature of the printed word.  Whether it’s reading a headline, catching a news clip or reading the cutline of a photo, we want to be in the know. One of our goals at The Times is to share our work across all mediums. Enriching the experience by bringing the pieces together online.  

Whether you catch it online, on television or in print, we hope you enjoy our media venture. We want to reach deeper whenever we can and draw out something you can sink our teeth into, come back to and fill like you got real substance.

Join us in sharing your thoughts, stories and ideas. Moments in time is the spice of life.  or