After months of conversations and deliberation, we have decided to continue publishing a First Friday edition of our newspaper. I have been studying the evolution of hyper-local news gathering and I believe now is the time for change.

Like a beacon in the distance, everything points to a digital evolution. Reinvention and experimentation is essential for the future of the news industry and Broadsheet news organizations should not need to beg for financial plaster to hold a bleeding business model together. 

An online “Only” edition is an eco-friendly look into our future. We can eliminate the high overhead of print distribution and focus on building a robust web presence and social platform.

Hometown newspapers can thrive if we choose to support the digital evolution. High quality journalism takes commitment, time and energy.  The foundational strength of any newspaper comes from its readers and support of its community.  You can help us succeed by embracing our digital efforts and contribute whenever possible. 

Sign up for our e-edition. We will deliver it right to your in-box without any strings attached. Take time to visit our webpage. We are always working to update our information and content. Like us on Facebook and Instagram and start a conversation. Let us know what you are thinking.  And last but not least, click on digital ads to show support for our advertisers. 

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and contributions through the years. Please help us spread the word that we are alive and well. Stay safe out there and let’s stay healthy!