Our stories are the heartbeat of our lives. Stories inspire us, create connection, and build the framework for hopes and dreams.  From our friendships, family, and romances to our hobbies and work, we all want to share beautiful images and meaningful words that encapsulate the special moments and help us express our feelings to others.

Much of our communication these days is a sterile dirge of email and text, filled with emojis, yet the antiquated appeal of the printed greeting card seems to transcend time. Cards are still king when it comes to showing someone that you care and that you are thinking about them. My sweetheart gave me the most awesome Valentines Day card this year. The card rang out with a simple heartfelt message.

I gave her flowers, a bottle of wine and even made a nice meal but skipped the card section because at $6.99 and up, I felt like Hallmark has finally crossed a line. A line that says “C’mon’ that’s too much!”  I must confess I have never been much of a romantic.  Never been good at remembering birthdays or greeting cards in general but I try because I know “it’s the thought that counts.”

As I sat there reading this awesome card (she obviously hand picked with her heart) I felt lost in the moment and couldn’t stop thinking that I should’ve shelled out the dinero for some mystical words of wisdom written by a true romantic, a love poet, a master of the heart strings then i thought…

Nawh! Rather get a bottle of vino!