It’s hard to believe 2019 has arrived. So much has happened in the past 365 days. I finally got used to dating things 2018 and ‘Bam’ it’s gone. Some of it has been good and some has been ‘not so good’. Either way, I’m looking forward to the promise of what lies ahead. The portrayal of the past year as an old, grizzled man and the coming year as a newborn baby is my take on life today.

Each year, we all experience a variety of trials and tribulations. Regardless of whether the event brings joy or sadness, it can be exhausting. Yet, each year we eagerly anticipate what is to come as the ball drops on another year.  That moment seems to mark a new start as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. We have a fresh, wide-eyed outlook as enthusiastic as a child experiencing something fun for the first time. (even if, only for a moment)

As we wake with a slight hangover from the celebration, it seems appropriate to start the new year with a parade. The Tournament of Roses parade is a festive way to spend the first day of the year — even if we only watch it on television from afar. The floats, bands and equestrian prancing kick off the new year with a high note that hopefully continues until the next parade passes by.

We start with a clean slate or empty calendar and gradually fill it in with appointments, meetings, special events and celebrations. This year will be no different. There are birthdays and anniversaries to mark. Holidays to celebrate. Annual events to attend as we welcome new family members and say farewell to others. These highs and lows are what life is all about.

In between there will be countless meetings, official proclamations and activities that we will strive to chronicle each week. We already know there will be some tough issues facing our communities and there will be decisions that will have long-lasting ramifications.  

What will 2019 bring? No one knows but, it will likely be a mixture of good and bad — hopefully heavy on the good and light on the bad.

I wish all of our readers a happy, healthy and bright new year!

Michael Turner is editor of the Winter Park Times. He can be reached at or at 970-531-7269.