I want to thank those of you who reached out in support of my 2020 campaign quest. However, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to withdraw from the race for District 1 County Commissioner seat. I may revisit the idea in the future, but for now I look forward to some lively discussion and debates.

In the last couple of months, I have met with people in each and every community. It was an enlightening experience and I learned many things along the way. It also opened my eyes to the assuming tone of politics today. 

I had lunch with an old friend and I could tell that something was not right, based on the sterile tone of our conversation. Near the end of our lunch date, this person said, “When you called, you revealed you were a democrat.” My friend told me I should rethink my approach, “because that might not set well with some people.” In reflection, it made perfect sense why this lunch meeting was awkward. I realized we were not on the same team and I was being judged for my political affiliation, not my views on our community or aspirations for community service. 

One of the main reasons I decided to withdraw from the District 1 campaign was because I feel that, in the political climate of today, society demands that we diffuse common sense messages with a cloud of political discourse.

Our founding fathers’ foundational beliefs were formed because they had a difference of opinion. They had healthy debates and came to decisions through valuable communicative interactions. That is what made this nation strong. 

The divide created by national politics has no place in local government. In my humble opinion, we should remove all affiliations and come together as Americans, from the White House to the Town Halls of America. 

My wife, who is my captive audience, is forced to listen to my anecdotes and analogies of life, family, business, religion and yes, politics. For years, she has said, “You would be a great county commissioner.”  Should I be flattered or afraid? 

I believe communities across Grand County face challenges that will need vision and leadership with a proactive approach. The Board of County Commissioners will need to build alliances for projects and find funding to meet the demands of growth and infrastructure need, while balancing a commitment to the health and human service pressures of an aging populace.

I feel like I would bring common sense perspective, fiscal responsibility, and vision to the commissioner seat, but for now, my family needs to take priority. Again I want to thank those of you that offered support, guidance and opinions on my quest for knowledge. 

I am always open to discussion about politics, religion, societal issues and everyday human life, so please feel free to reach out to me at any time.