Soliciting letters to the editor in the high summer season is a little like asking a Formula I driver for an autograph mid-race. Nevertheless, here we are hoping some of you are itching to participate.

We’d love to hear from our readers about whatever may be on their minds. And we know you’re out there because we know our papers are being picked up at a brisk pace.

We like to think of letters to the editor as a community discussion and welcome the vast majority of viewpoints. (We will draw the line at obscenity and letters advocating violence, for instance.) But we will most decidedly not withhold or edit letters based on their political slant.

Nor do letters have to address weighty issues. They can cover a wide range of topics or just offer thanks.

And a quick note about letters: Just because they appear in these pages does NOT mean we agree with them or they in any way represent the views of this newspaper. Your letters, your views. Bring ’em on.

Letters may be emailed to or submitted online under the “letters” link. Letters should include the author’s name, address and telephone number for verification purposes.